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How Do I Choose the Best Mini Microwave?

Emily Espinoza
Emily Espinoza

When choosing a mini microwave, think about where you want to use it, how much power you need from it, and what aesthetic and convenience features you would like for it to have. The size and type of mini microwave that will be best for you will be largely determined by where you would like to use it. Mini microwaves are available with different levels of power, and additional features may determine how easy your microwave is to use and how it looks in the place you put it.

Smaller than conventional microwaves, mini microwaves still vary in size and shape. Size ranges anywhere from 0.5 cubic feet (14.2 liters) to 1.2 cubic feet (34 liters), and you should think about where you plan on using the microwave when you are deciding on the size. Shape may also affect where it fits the best. Some mini microwaves are short and wide and fit well under a low cabinet or in an RV. Others are closer to cube-shaped, and work well in the cabs of large trucks or other small spaces.

Mini microwaves are ideal for smaller spaces.
Mini microwaves are ideal for smaller spaces.

Decide how much power you need the microwave to produce. This power is measured in watts and typically ranges from 600 to 1,100 watts. You must also consider the source of the power. Some microwaves must be plugged into a regular wall plug, but others come with adapters to make them more versatile. You can find a mini microwave that can be powered from the cigarette lighter or even the battery in your car, making it easy to use during long road trips or camping trips.

Consider any additional features that might add to the ease of use or enhance the appearance of your mini microwave. All microwaves have their own heat and timer settings, so spend some time deciding which settings and buttons you find most useful and easiest to use. If you find it cumbersome to use your new appliance, you may find yourself unwilling to use it. Another feature to keep an eye out for is a turntable inside the microwave, which can sometimes make heating dishes much easier. Mini microwaves are also available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you should be able to find one that blends into your space.

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    • Mini microwaves are ideal for smaller spaces.
      By: Richard Villalon
      Mini microwaves are ideal for smaller spaces.