How Do I Choose the Best Mini-Flower Pots?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Some flower pots are made from terracotta clay.
Some flower pots are made from terracotta clay.

Choosing mini-flower pots starts with determining what plants you will be putting in them. Some plants will require more space for roots to spread, and some plants also require more soil in which to thrive, which of course means not all plants will be suitable for mini-flower pots. Once you determine what plants you will put in the pots, think carefully about how you intend to use them. Some pots are meant as temporary transfer vessels that will help you get a plant to a more permanent planting location; others are meant for decorative purposes.

Wedding planners often use mini-flower pots to hold flowers for table centerpieces at receptions. The same pots can be used for other events as well, so choosing the best mini-flower pots in this instance will start with determining the overall decor of the event. It helps to choose pots that will fit the overall decor, and while this does not necessarily mean the pots must match the colors of the decor, it certainly helps to choose pots that are similar in tone. If several table centerpieces will be made, it will be important to consider the cost of each pot as well in order to stay within the budget of the event.

Choose materials for the mini-flower pots based on how they will be used. Some mini pots are made from natural materials that can be planted directly into the ground. Such pots are great when transporting plants to a permanent planting space; the pot itself will eventually break down into the soil and provide nutrients to the plant, but it will not be a good option for long-term storage outside of soil. Terra cotta pots are usually quite plain in an aesthetic sense, but they are usually fairly inexpensive. They are good options for temporary or long-term planting, as they are water-resistant and relatively durable, though they are also susceptible to damage from impacts.

If you are looking for more decorative mini-flower pots but want to stay on a budget, consider plastic pots. Plastic is easy to mold and therefore the production costs are low; plastic can also be tinted easily, which means a wide array of colors and designs will be available. These pots will be lightweight and easy to transport or store, and they will resist water damage as well as damage from direct impacts. Plastic will not corrode over time, either, though it is not the most environmentally friendly choice.

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    • Some flower pots are made from terracotta clay.
      Some flower pots are made from terracotta clay.