How Do I Choose the Best Microwave Steamer?

Emily Espinoza
Emily Espinoza

To choose the best microwave steamer, you should think about which size steamer is right for you, what material you prefer for it to be made of, and whether there are any extra features you would find helpful. Microwave steamers are available in many shapes and sizes to suit different kinds of food and uses. They are most often made out of plastic, but there are a few additional options you should consider. Each microwave steamer is a little different, and there may be a variety of features that you find convenient.

The best microwave steamer for you will be one that works well for the types of food you want to steam. Think about how you plan to use your steamer in order to narrow down which size is right for you. Some microwave steamers are designed to work best with certain types of food like fish, pasta, rice, or vegetables. Also be aware that you can find a steamer with two or even three tiers that allow you to stack up food in different levels and cook it all at the same time. You will sometimes find sets of microwave steamers that come in different sizes.

At first glance, it may seem as though all microwave steamers are made out of the same type of plastic, but there is more to the material selection than you might realize. First of all, if you would rather use a material other than plastic, it is possible to find a microwave steamer made out of bamboo that works just as well as its plastic counterparts. Another thing to consider is looking for plastic that is free of BPA, or Bisphenol A. This chemical is commonly found in plastics, but its safety has been in question since 2008. If this concerns you, there are a variety of manufacturers now offering BPA free plastic products, including microwave steamers.

Your new microwave steamer will most likely have a design that includes a steaming tray to keep food above the water and a lid for keeping the steam in. Beyond this basic design, you can find steamers that have additional features such as a long handle, like on a sauce pan, or short round handles on either side. This can make handling and cooking with the steamer easier because it eliminates the need to touch the hot sides. Another optional feature is a pour spout that allows you to easily drain out excess water.

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