How do I Choose the Best Methadone Treatment Center?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell
Detoxing from methadone is as difficult as detoxing from heroin.
Detoxing from methadone is as difficult as detoxing from heroin.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best possible methadone treatment center, including location, cleanliness, accepted health insurance plans, and the experience and education of the professionals running the clinic. Methadone addiction is a serious illness that significantly reduces a person's health and the ability to be a productive member of society, and it is often the cause of family and social breakdown. Some patients choose to attend methadone treatment centers on an out-patient basis and are able to continue living at home, while others chose or are ordered to attend in-patient care during the detox duration. Most people who have experienced methadone addiction require professional help beating their addiction and may benefit from methadone maintenance therapy as well.

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a methadone treatment center is the location of the facility. Most people feel more comfortable healing and dealing with withdrawal symptoms when they are surrounded by familiar sites and can be visited by family and friends during treatment. In addition to the physical location of the facility, patients will also want to choose a methadone clinic that is well maintained and can provide state-of-the-art medical care if necessary. Many clinics offer relaxing areas on campus for patients to visit in between therapy sessions for meditation or relaxation purposes. In order for treatment to be effective, most experts agree that the patient should choose a clinic that is as comfortable as possible.

Another important consideration to address when choosing an appropriate methadone treatment center is the facility's payment and insurance policy. Some patients are fortunate enough to have health insurance that will cover part or all of the necessary methadone treatment expenses. It is important that the center accepts their insurance to receive benefits. For those patients that do not have insurance, the accounting department of the facility can usually describe any financial aid or payment plan options that are available. Most methadone clinics employ social workers who may be able to assist low income patients with finding sufficient financing help.

The professional counselors and health professionals employed by the methadone treatment center are very important as well. Potential patients, or their families, should take the time to learn about the staff's training, including where they studied and any specialties they may have. This step ensures the patient will be well cared, that the addiction will be appropriately addressed, and there will be a greater possibility of recovery. Most clinics offer this type of information on their websites or through other promotional materials.

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    • Detoxing from methadone is as difficult as detoxing from heroin.
      By: palangsi
      Detoxing from methadone is as difficult as detoxing from heroin.