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How Do I Choose the Best Men's Hair Spray?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

Men’s hair spray is a styling product most often used to hold hairstyles in place. A wide variety is available in a number of different strengths and scents. To choose the best one you might consider the amount of hold strength you need, any additional benefits offered by the product, and the ingredients used. There are various price points for a product like this, so choosing one that is affordable to you is probably important as well.

Most types of men’s hair spray are divided into light, medium, and strong hold categories. Light hold is often used by those with fine or thin hair, while medium hold is mostly used by those with thicker hair who will be doing moderate styling. Strong hold products are usually created for men with extremely thick hair or those who have an intricate style to hold in place. In addition to these categories, some products are designed for those who might have naturally curly or thinning hair.

Men's hair spray.
Men's hair spray.

Many companies create men’s hair spray formulas that offer benefits in addition to holding a style in place. These might include ingredients meant to condition your hair, control humidity, or keep the product from flaking. Other types reportedly assist those with problem hair conditions. These additional benefits may result in added cost, as well.

You might decide to choose the men’s hair spray you use based on the ingredients or canister used. Some brands offer a product with potentially less chemicals that contain natural ingredients. In addition, pump-activated bottles are viewed by many as being safer for the environment than aerosol bottles. By researching your options you will likely be able to choose the product that is best for you.

Men’s hair spray is usually available for purchase at a variety of locations. Discount stores, grocery stores, and salons generally sell it. In addition, many products are available on the Internet. Since price is often dependent upon where you make your purchase, it is usually best to conduct research and purchase the product that fits within your budget and preferences.

Availability might be another consideration when choosing men’s hair spray. Product availability can change, and if you find a product you like, make sure it will be readily available when you need it or order in quantity. When purchases are made that involve shipping, buying more than one product at a time might help ensure you have enough to last until you order again.

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    • Men's hair spray.
      By: Alexandr Makarov
      Men's hair spray.