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How Do I Choose the Best Meditation Songs?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Meditation songs are used as tools to help you to relax during your meditation practice. Some people opt to chant along, but the most effective meditation music does not contain any lyrics in order to avoid distractions. The best meditation songs also have soft rhythms and slow tempos because they have the most potential relaxing effects. Generally, the most effective music is enough to completely relax you, but not so much so that you fall asleep during practice.

Effective meditation music does not have any distracting lyrics. Songs that contain lyrics encourage you to sing along, even if it is just in your head. Since one of the purposes of meditation is to clear your head, listening to songs with lyrics can disrupt your practice, regardless of how soothing the music sounds. Some people choose to chant during meditation, but this technique is generally used with their breathing rather than any music played.

Meditation songs are most often instrumentals.
Meditation songs are most often instrumentals.

Other distracting elements in songs include percussion and continuous instrumental changes. Such effects can cause you to listen for the transitions during the music rather than your meditation practice. Upbeat tempos can decrease your ability to relax, so it is best to choose one that is soft and does not contain various transitions. Playing the music too loudly can also disrupt any relaxation efforts.

Lengthy songs generally produce better results during meditation, as they encourage you to practice longer. You will likely meditate for the entire duration of a 20-minute song, rather than four songs in a row that are each five minutes in length. Constant breaks between songs can interrupt your thoughts and make you quit the process too soon.

You might also consider using headphones to play mediation music in order to block out external sounds. This technique is especially useful if you practice in public settings, at work, or anywhere else outside of the home. Over time, meditation can increase your ability to block out external noises, but using headphones for your meditation songs is a good start for beginners.

Keep in mind that meditation music can be used for other purposes outside of your practice. You might play meditation songs in an effort to relax if you feel overly stressed. Consider playing the relaxing music in the car during a traffic jam, or through your headset while waiting for an event. You might need to listen to a few different types of meditation songs until you figure out which will work best for you.

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    • Meditation songs are most often instrumentals.
      By: puhhha
      Meditation songs are most often instrumentals.