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How do I Choose the Best Maternity Lingerie?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

Some women may not feel sexy because of the changes to their body during pregnancy, but wearing beautiful maternity lingerie can help with that. The best maternity lingerie, including bra and panty sets, chemises and camisoles, is made specifically for the stages of the growing belly and comes in gorgeous styles. Taking accurate, frequent measurements as well as picking comfortable fabrics and specific colors can help when choosing the best option.

Before starting to go through the lingerie section, it's important to get professionally measured. Department stores have associates who are specially trained in measuring individuals for intimates. Some can also provide the best options of maternity lingerie depending on preferences. Throughout pregnancy, get measured almost every time new lingerie is purchased. It may seem like a hassle but with the constantly changing body, it can be the best way to choose intimates that look and feel fabulous and that fit well in every area.

A pregnant woman.
A pregnant woman.

Feel each type of fabric while choosing maternity lingerie. If it doesn't feel good to the touch while it's on the hanger, it's not something that will be comfortable on the body. Choose a piece that feels good against the skin and doesn't feel too heavy.

Warmer temperatures can be uncomfortable for pregnant women, so opt for cotton maternity lingerie over pieces made from other fabrics. Cotton is lighter and more breathable so it can be a good option to wear during the day as well as when sleeping in it at night. Avoid lingerie that has thin straps or ties or is restrictive in one or more areas, as these can cause pain, chafing or irritation.

Chemises can be flattering lingerie for a pregnant woman.
Chemises can be flattering lingerie for a pregnant woman.

Decide how much skin you want to show before making a purchase. Those who aren't fully comfortable or confident with their body or who would just rather wear more modest pieces may want to choose fuller coverage intimates as their first pieces of maternity lingerie. It's always possible to later buy pieces that show more skin, but it's all about what feels the most comfortable during that stage of pregnancy.

A color that was appealing to you before pregnancy may not be very appealing anymore. Instead of relying on the typical go-to color of lingerie, choose one that looks great in the present. Hold it to the arm and face and evaluate whether it showcases your skin tone in a positive way.

Pregnancy is an exciting time in life, so consider the specially-chosen new intimates a personal present. Taking the time to choose the best pieces can help almost any woman feel even more amazing throughout a very special time. Maternity lingerie comes in plenty of styles and patterns that are sexy and beautiful and will accentuate any part of the body you want it to.

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    • A pregnant woman.
      By: tan4ikk
      A pregnant woman.
    • Chemises can be flattering lingerie for a pregnant woman.
      By: Gordana Sermek
      Chemises can be flattering lingerie for a pregnant woman.