How Do I Choose the Best Matching Pajamas?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.

The key features to look for when choosing matching pajamas are fit, size, colors, and materials. The length and thickness should also be noted if you are looking for something which will keep you warm or cool during the night. Price is another factor you may consider when picking out matching pajamas, although items are available in virtually any price range.

Most matching pajamas are design with style in mind and come with a coordinating tops and bottoms. You may also be able to combine various tops with different bottoms within the same collection to mix and match. These sets are sold in virtually any department store, in some clothing stores, online, and in lingerie shops. They range in design from loose and comfortable to sleek and sexy.

Matching pajamas may be made from one of several fabrics. Items designed for comfort and warmth are typically made from cotton, fleece, or flannel. Cotton is very lightweight and breathable and can provide warmth without causing overheating. Fleece is typically used during the winter months for its thick construction and softness. Flannel is also a good cold weather material, and pajamas made from this fabric may be thick or thin depending on the design.

Pajamas made from satin or silk or generally more appropriate for warmer weather since they are thin and breathable. These materials also flow away from the body, allowing for better air circulation so your body stays cooler. Both silk and satin are also common used in the making of lingerie and they are considered more sensual and feminine in nature than many other materials.

You should focus not only on the warmth your pajamas will provide, but also on the fit. It is usually ideal to buy pajamas which fit more loosely than your day clothes since they will need to move with your body with pulling or snagging as you move around in bed. It is also a good idea to avoid pajamas which have tags, interior lace, and other materials which may scratch or irritate the skin. Most times, matching pajamas will be designed for a loose fit and you can choose your normal size.

Price is another factor you should consider when choosing pajamas. Prices vary widely from very cheap to extremely expensive, so there are items which fit within any budget. Better materials typically warrant higher prices, but even silk is affordable from certain retailers, as well as silk-like materials which offer the same soft and smooth feel for a lower price.

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    • Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
      By: philip kinsey
      Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.