How Do I Choose the Best Mastectomy Bra?

Nicky Sutton
Nicky Sutton
Woman with hands together
Woman with hands together

Visit a professional mastectomy bra fitter to be measured for a mastectomy bra and accompanying prosthesis. Examine the different materials when buying a prosthesis as these vary in weight, consistency and price. The size and shape of your prosthesis must suit your body, and you can decide whether to include a nipple. Choose a mastectomy bra that is comfortable to wear and looks good — bras are available in different colors and styles that are attractive and fashionable.

Mastectomy bras can be bought ready-made or you can have one made especially for you. Look for a professional mastectomy prosthesis fitter who can give you expert advice and assistance. Expect to be measured and shown a range of prosthesis and bras to choose from. A mastectomy bra should be made of soft material and be comfortable to wear, it should not require regular adjustment, be too tight or too loose.

The aim is to be able to forget you are wearing a mastectomy bra at all. Feel the bra material to ensure that it is soft and of good quality. Check inside the bra for any seams or stitches that are rough or loose that might cause discomfort.

Your mastectomy bra should contain a prosthetic for one or both breasts, depending on your requirements. Choose prosthetic breasts that are carefully designed to look and feel natural. They should weigh a similar amount to real breasts and be of a realistic consistency.

Silicone is often used to create prosthesis because of its versatility in creating breasts that are large or small, firm or soft. Prosthetic breasts are also made from materials such as foam, gel and fiber-fill, each available at different prices, with some appearing more realistic than others. Feel the prosthesis to ensure it is of good quality and is realistic.

You can usually choose whether to have a nipple present on the prosthesis, so think about its size and what will look natural. Choose a prosthesis that looks similar to your existing breast if you have had a single mastectomy, or choose any size you wish if you have had a double mastectomy. A mastectomy bra can be just as attractive and fashionable as a regular bra. Available in a range of different colors, choose from underwire, lacy, halter neck and strapless styles. The best mastectomy bra looks good and makes you feel good, with prostheses that compliment your appearance.

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@feruze-- Some web stores have good options for mastectomy bras. It's not always necessary to have a bra custom made. My sister-in-law uses a ready-made underwire mastectomy bra that she loves.


@feruze-- I haven't seen any padded mastectomy bras, but there are some molded ones that are very nice and soft.

The biggest issue with me has been getting the two sides to look even. I've tried a bunch of different inserts and post-surgery bras. I finally found a brand that does post-mastectomy custom bras and the bra I got is perfect.

You may have to look around a bit and try different styles before finding the right bra. Buy from companies that have a good return-policy so that you can return them if they don't work out.


I had mastectomy for one breast and I'm having a very difficult time finding the right bra.

I had one custom made and while it's not very bad, I'm still not as comfortable in it as I would like. For the most part, no one can tell that I don't have a breast on one side when I wear the bra. But the skin on my chest is still very sensitive and sometimes the bra irritates it.

Also, I'm an A cup and I used to wear padded bras before my mastectomy and I can't find any padded mastectomy bras.

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    • Woman with hands together
      Woman with hands together