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How Do I Choose the Best Marine Biology Internships?

Valerie Clark
Valerie Clark

Choosing the best marine biology internships can be overwhelming because there are so many from which you can choose. Narrow down your options by deciding on the location and work experience you would like to gain. If there is a certain school or organization you have in mind, start by searching their websites for internship, volunteer or fellowship opportunities. It is critical to find a faculty member or mentor whose research matches your interests and who is willing to take you under his or her wing and teach you what he or she knows.

Marine biology internships typically are available during the summer months while college students are on summer break. Depending on the location, some marine biology internships might be available year-round. The type of work that you seek can help determine where the best marine biology internships are located. Student internships focused on marine biology are offered in most coastal areas.

Marine biology internships are offered in a variety of locations.
Marine biology internships are offered in a variety of locations.

The location you choose for your internship should be the first decision you make. If coral reef ecology is your passion, look for summer internships in Hawaii or Australia. Even the Caribbean can offer some amazing opportunities for career development in marine biology. If fish biology is your area of desired expertise, you might prefer a summer in on the North Atlantic coast or in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Marine biologists who study penguins can be found in Antarctica, South America and even New Zealand.

Connecting with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic mentor is a major factor in choosing the best marine biology internships. The objective for being an intern is to gain specialized education and skills to further your career development. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field of marine biology.

After you have decided on the best location and you know what you want to study, you can begin identifying the best potential mentors. A mentor is the faculty member who supports you and guides you during your internship. In most cases, marine biology internships are unpaid internships. In rare cases, funding for a paid internship might be available for people who qualify. Contact the faculty member or the appropriate department to find out whether there are paid opportunities available for marine biology internships.

Performing volunteer work as an intern is a great way to gain valuable work experience while still in school. Internships typically are geared toward college students nearing the completion of their degree. The best marine biology internships can lead to a permanent job after graduation. If you have a specific organization you would like to work for when you graduate, volunteering as an intern can increase your chances of working for that organization.

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    • Marine biology internships are offered in a variety of locations.
      By: Paul Vinten
      Marine biology internships are offered in a variety of locations.