How do I Choose the Best Marina?

Jeremy Laukkonen

Marinas can be useful for a number of functions, including boat storage, recreation, and as a place to refuel or rest during a trip. Choosing the best marina can involve determining which of these uses you are interested in. If you need a place to leave your boat when it is not in use, you may want to consider whether you prefer wet or dry storage, and how much each option costs. Recreation or short term accommodations may also be of interest to you, in which case facilities like a clubhouse, ship's store, or marine fuel depot may be important considerations.

A marina that is located near a person's home and offers a good price on slip rentals may be the best choice.
A marina that is located near a person's home and offers a good price on slip rentals may be the best choice.

Many areas have a great number of marinas available, so you can often afford to be discerning in your choice. One important consideration for many boat owners is long term storage, which can either involve mooring or a secure space on dry land. The frequency with which you use your boat may help you determine which of these is the best marina storage option for your purposes. If you boat often, or even year round, then a marina that is located near your home that offers a good price on long term slip rentals may be the best choice. The best marina for someone that boats less often might be one that has inexpensive dry storage.

Recreational facilities can also be important to many boat owners. If you are interested in spending time in and around your home marina, then you may want to locate one that has a clubhouse with a restaurant, or other facilities like a pool, sports court, or lounge area. These are some of the same features you might look for when determining the best marina to stop at during an extended trip in your boat. Long boating journeys can require a number of other facilities as well.

If you intend to take an extended boat trip, finding the best marina to stop at each day can be an important part of the planning stage. You may want to look for some of the same creature comforts that are offered at your home marina, but other factors may be considered as well. The best marinas to stop at on a trip will typically have adequate short term rental space and may have power available at the slips. Repair facilities with an on call technician can be important, as can a marine fuel depot to top off your tanks. Another thing that the best marinas for travelers might have is a substantial ship's store, where you can purchase any required supplies such as food or toiletries.

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