How Do I Choose the Best Manufacturing ERP Software?

H. Bliss

Enterprise resource planning software, (ERP) is software designed to help a company operate more efficiently by integrating its many departments into one system that allows all users to record and share data all throughout the company. When deciding on an ERP to help streamline your company operations, the most important thing is getting a reliable system suited to your company. This includes finding a manufacturing ERP software service that is made for your company's size and type, as well as finding a system that fits your budget. Web-based systems can be cheaper than maintaining onsite ERP servers, but keeping a server at your company headquarters can prevent problems when the ERP is vital to company operations.

Online ERP systems may be cheaper for a company to operate than maintaining on-site servers.
Online ERP systems may be cheaper for a company to operate than maintaining on-site servers.

Things to consider when choosing an ERP include program features, cost, and ease of use. An ERP company that offers reliable support to ERP customers can be valuable in case of a problem with an ERP. The longer a company offering manufacturing ERP software takes to fix a problem with your system, the more money and customers you lose as a result of a lack of access to the ERP data.

For companies handling a great deal of important ERP data, the best option may be an onsite system. Onsite ERP services differ from web-based ERP services that manufacturing ERP software companies offer online. Servers kept onsite are accessible to workers in the building, and they do not rely on the consistency of the Internet connection to keep the ERP accessible. Onsite servers cost more because they require an onsite technician.

Getting the wrong manufacturing ERP software can cause problems as serious as stopping the operations of your company. Problems you might see when using the wrong ERP for your company include a lack of usable features, ERP system downtime, and employee protest against the implementation of the program. These problems can be prevented by carefully examining your company's needs for an ERP and insisting on features you need in a ERP.

Manufacturing ERP software is typically used for large manufacturing companies dealing with a big volume of work. If your company is smaller, and most ERP systems seem too complicated and costly for your budget, you may benefit from using specific tracking programs instead of a bulky ERP. Options for tracking company data include tools like accounting software, invoice spreadsheets, or inventory programs that can be used to improve the operations of your business.

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