How do I Choose the Best Mammography Continuing Education Courses?

L. Dunne
L. Dunne

For a mammography technologist, continuing education is required to keep up with the latest technology and medical issues. There are several places and ways to fulfill this requirement, and mammographers need to be able to choose the best. When determining where to obtain outstanding mammography continuing education you should consider the following: employer, state, and professional requirements; price and the type and location of the course.

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) mandates that all technologists obtain at least 24 credits of continuing education every two years. Additionally, mammographers must complete 15 mammography credits within a three year period. Certain employers may have additional continuing education requirements which must be met, and it is important to review these prior to choosing courses.

Similarly, certain states throughout the United States have their own set of mammography continuing education requirements that must be met. These may coincide with the requirements set by the ASRT, however, you should check with your state to ensure they are covered. There are also specific deadlines that must be met when attending this training in order to keep your mammography license active in the state you practice in.

The next consideration for mammographers looking for continuing education courses is the price. Although many employers will absorb the cost of the courses, some will not or may only reimburse a portion of fees. In 2010, the average price for eight credits was $150. Some online courses are less expensive and can be completed at the your leisure, but it is imperative to make sure that the online course credits will count toward the requirements of both the state and the ASRT.

You should also consider the type and location of mammography continuing education. While some courses offer a high number of credits, these are often in-person courses that are more intensive. They usually take place over several days and may not be available in all areas, meaning travel may be necessary. Make sure to review the course descriptions in their entirety prior to registering for any courses. Also note that some courses are only offered at certain times and in a certain order, meaning that you may need to miss work.

As mammography continuing education is mandatory to maintain licensure and employment, finding the right courses is imperative. Continuing education ensures that your skills are up-to-date with the latest technology and newest medical information in the mammography field, and finding the best mammography continuing education can also help to further your career.

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