How do I Choose the Best Makeup Brush Holder?

Felicia Dye

If you have numerous makeup brushes, then you know managing them can be quite a task. You may have decided the best solution is to buy a makeup brush holder. While this is a great idea, it can be an excellent idea if you take steps to ensure you get the best one. You can do this by considering the size, model, and material the makeup brush holder is made of.

Makeup brush holders should allow for the cleanliness of the brushes to be maintained.
Makeup brush holders should allow for the cleanliness of the brushes to be maintained.

Many people store their makeup brushes in makeup bags. This is something you should try to avoid. For one reason, this puts all of your brushes in contact with one another, meaning that clean brushes and dirty brushes will mingle. Another reason is because it is time-consuming to dig through makeup bags looking for the brush you want. When you purchase a makeup brush holder, you want to make sure it helps make your beauty regimen as simple and convenient as possible.

Makeup bags may be used to store makeup brushes.
Makeup bags may be used to store makeup brushes.

Before you purchase any makeup brush holder, you need to do an inventory of your makeup brushes. You need to know how many and what type of makeup brushes you have. It is best to make sure your holder has enough space for all of your brushes. Even when there is enough space, you need to make sure it will accommodate the various sizes. The design of most makeup brush holders will not allow a kabuki brush and a lipstick brush to fit into the same space.

You want to make sure the makeup brush holder helps you maintain the cleanliness of your brushes. Dirty makeup brushes can damage your cosmetic products, make application difficult, and even lead to skin problems. To prevent this from happening, it is best to choose a holder that protects your brushes. Try to find a model that either has a cover or encases the brushes.

Since you will have to clean your brushes regularly, you want to make sure the holder you choose allows them to dry properly. The best type of makeup brush holder is a model that holds the brushes upright with adequate space between.

Another thing you need to consider is the material the makeup brush holder is made of. Sturdy plastic is a good option because it can last and will not be affected by moisture if you store your brushes while they are wet. Metal holders can also be durable, but if you choose a metal makeup brush holder, make sure it is not one that will quickly rust.

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@turquoise-- That's a great idea! I do something similar with my makeup bush sets and empty glass jars. Instead of stones, I put beads in it. It looks very pretty and it's always nice to recycle something instead of purchasing.

If I were to recommend a brush holder, I would recommend the acrylic professional brush holders. These are clear which lets you see every brush inside so you don't have to pull out each one to see what it is.


@turquoise-- That's a good idea.

I've been putting my makeup brushes in a long mug. The problem is that some of my brushes are small and some are large. So I have the hardest time finding the smaller ones in the mug while doing my makeup in the morning.

What kind of a brush holder do I need?


I just use a small vase with colored stones inside as a makeup brush holder. The stones are to keep the brushes in place so that they don't all clump together. My cosmetic brushes are very long so this works perfectly. There are a few more brushes I plan to buy and I have plenty of space for them so I can probably keep this brush holder indefinitely.

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