How Do I Choose the Best Mahogany File Cabinet?

Dan Cavallari

File storage can be messy and tedious, but with an appropriate file cabinet, the process can become much simpler and more organized. The problem with many file cabinets, however, involves the aesthetics, or lack thereof. Most cabinets are made of steel, which is not always an attractive choice. To improve appearances, a mahogany file cabinet can be purchased. This unit can be sturdy and stable, while still allowing for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Choosing a mahogany file cabinet starts with a determination of how many files you will be storing, as well as where the cabinet is to be placed in the home or office.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Take accurate measurements of the space to ensure you buy an appropriately sized mahogany file cabinet. Determine whether you will need a cabinet with only two or up to five drawers; two drawers are suitable for the home office in most cases, while a five drawer cabinet is usually more suitable for offices and other professional settings. Think, too, about whether you want a vertical cabinet or a horizontal one; this is largely a matter of preference, though it may also depend on how much space you have in a room for the cabinet.

Once you have determined the proper size, it is time to research a bit about mahogany. This wood is a hardwood, which makes it more expensive but also more durable and resistant to water damage. It has a deep brown hue and an attractive grain. When choosing a mahogany file cabinet, you will find that other types of woods can be used in conjunction with a mahogany veneer, or thin strip of wood, to cover up the weaker or less desirable wood. Make sure you choose a mahogany file cabinet that is made from real mahogany, and avoid particleboard cabinets whenever possible because they tend to be structurally weak and susceptible to damage.

Sometimes a metal file cabinet can be altered in such a way to make it look like a mahogany file cabinet. Veneer or some other coating can be used to achieve this. While this is not a great substitute for mahogany in terms of aesthetics, it is a reasonably strong and durable choice that may end up saving you some money. Mahogany tends to be fairly expensive, which means you should expect to pay more for a cabinet that is made from this fine wood than one that is made from less attractive or durable materials.

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