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How Do I Choose the Best Mahogany Dresser?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

If you want to choose the best mahogany dresser, start by determining what you need as far as storage space and features from the dresser, and then research as much as possible about mahogany. It helps to have a budget in mind when considering purchasing a mahogany dresser, as some models, especially antiques, can get quite expensive. Determine the space limitations in the room in which the dresser will be placed by measuring the space carefully. Remember that drawers extending outward will need to be considered when measuring to prevent walkways or other spaces in a room from being taken up by the dresser.

Mahogany has a relatively straight grain, and its reddish color darkens over time. It is resistant to rot from moisture, and it is exceptionally durable and attractive. Choosing a mahogany dresser starts with recognizing the common characteristics of mahogany and knowing what true mahogany looks like. The mahogany dresser will be very attractive, but you will need to look for any damage to the dresser, especially if it is an antique. If you are considering buying a used mahogany dresser, you may be able to tell if the wood is older or younger by the darkness of the shade of red.

Mahogany is durable and attractive.
Mahogany is durable and attractive.

The specific design of a mahogany dresser can vary significantly according to the builder's preferences and your specific needs. Consider how much space you have available for the unit, as well as how much storage space you need, and determine what shape and size will work best for your space. The hardware materials and appearance can vary; gold is a common choice, though real gold will be quite expensive. It is not uncommon to see gold-plated hardware on a mahogany dresser, which is much less expensive but can fade over time.

Some dressers feature an attached mirror with a mahogany frame and arms to support the mirror. This is a great idea for adding an attractive and functional piece to a bedroom decor, but keep in mind that such a model will take up more space vertically than other models. Be sure to measure carefully before purchasing such a model. Choose a dresser with a mirror that pivots to ensure you can find the best position for viewing the mirror. The mirror itself can be quite heavy, so the support system included with the dresser will need to be extremely stable. Try to check the unit for stability before purchasing.

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    • Mahogany is durable and attractive.
      By: Özger Sarikaya
      Mahogany is durable and attractive.