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How do I Choose the Best Macrame Book?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best macrame book for you, it's a wise idea to first look at the supplies required. If you won't be able to purchase the specified materials, or appropriate substitutes, buying that particular book will end up being a waste of your money, as you'll be unable to make any of the projects. It's also crucial to be sure you understand the instructions for the patterns. Depending on the size of the macrame book, it might be unrealistic to expect to make all of the projects, but you should find enough of them appealing and doable so you get your money's worth of the book's purchase price.

If the cover specifies whether the publication is for beginner, intermediate or advanced macrame crafters, this can give you a fairly accurate idea of whether the book's skill level matches yours. While learning one or two new knots may certainly be possible, choosing a macrame book that includes too many knotting techniques that are unfamiliar to you isn't likely to be fulfilling. Your projects may be unfinished or unsatisfactory as well as frustrating to do rather than completable and relaxing to work on. If knotting diagrams of new knots you'll need to learn are shown in the book, be sure these are clear and easy to understand.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Oftentimes, craft books feature their simplest projects at the front and the most difficult patterns at the end. If the book you're considering purchasing doesn't specify that it's for beginners or intermediates and you're not familiar with advanced macrame, make sure you'd at least be able to create the first few projects. If you aren't sure, it will be a lot less costly to buy an instruction sheet for a more advanced macrame project that to purchase a book you may not be able to use. Many craft stores offer free instruction sheets. It can make sense to check these first for appealing projects to try to make before investing in a large macrame book.

To get the most out of a macrame book, look for one with projects you'll want to make more than once by varying the cords, beads or other accessories. If you find macrame patterns that are enjoyable to make that can be easily varied in color and style, you may want to use a basic pattern such as a plant pot hanger for different rooms in your home. You may find you can also adjust your favorite patterns to create macrame gifts for friends or relatives.

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I think one of the most important factors in choosing a macrame book is the actual patterns. Make sure to look through the patterns first and see if there are actually ones in there that you want to make.

I'm a knitting, and I have a rule for myself about pattern books: there has to either be 5 patterns I want to make or some really, really useful information. If not, I don't buy the book.

It's easy to amass a collection of craft books you might never use. So I suggest being discerning with your purchases from the very beginning.


@strawCake - The Internet is a great resource for pretty much everything. I can understand why someone might prefer to buy a book though. Sometimes you just want to see something on the pages of a book instead of on a computer screen, you know?

As far as macrame books (and other crafting books too) I think it's important to check reviews first. I've noticed that some pattern books have a lot of errors or hard to understand instructions. If you check the reviews you can make sure not to get a book you'll have trouble using!


Wow! Macrame. I didn't know anyone was still doing that! My mom was really into macrame in the 70's, and we still have a few things she made. I have to say they look pretty outdated these days.

Anyway, even though I don't do macrame I do other crafts. I just wanted to suggest that anyone who wants to learn to do a craft look online before you buy a book. There are tons and tons of instructional videos and website and free patterns. If you're a beginner, or don't want to spend money to buy a book, this is a really great option I think.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing