How Do I Choose the Best Luxury Cottage Holidays?

Lainie Petersen

When selecting and booking luxury cottage holidays, it is important to establish your requirements for a cottage rental, to protect yourself against fraud, and to accurately determine the services and amenities that are included with a cottage rental. While luxury cottage holidays can be a great deal of fun and very relaxing, they also require careful planning to help prevent disappointment. It is a good idea to get referrals from previous guests at various properties as well as to check on the reputation of a cottage owner or property manager. Review websites and be sure to ask questions about the facilities when a website does not include pertinent information. You should also check to make sure that a cottage home is located in an area where you will have convenient access to places that you would like to visit while on vacation.

Pools are a common ammenity at resorts in hot locations.
Pools are a common ammenity at resorts in hot locations.

Before booking luxury cottage holidays, you should take stock of those things that are important to you when selecting accommodations. If you are traveling with others, you should involve them in the decision-making process. Write down what you need in a luxury cottage. For example, if there are several people traveling, you will want to make sure that there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate everyone. If you will be traveling to a hot location, a swimming pool and central air conditioning are usually good things to have. Other things to think about include access to kitchens or restaurants and playgrounds for children.

Some luxury cottages provide the privacy of a private residence.
Some luxury cottages provide the privacy of a private residence.

Another thing to consider when selecting luxury cottage holidays is whether the cottage is a private residence or part of a resort. If it is a private residence, you may have to travel to find restaurants and recreational opportunities. If it is part of a resort or timeshare property, familiarize yourself with the amenities available and find out if there is any extra charge to use them.

Review websites for various cottages and cabins closely. Keep in mind that photographs are often chosen because they present the property in its best light. You may find consumer websites online that will include additional photographs taken by previous guests that may give you a more accurate depiction of the property that you are considering. You may also wish to contact the consumer protection agency in the jurisdiction where the cottage is located to determine whether its owners or managers have a history of complaints filed against them. Finally, pay for your vacation using a credit card for further protection against fraud or misrepresentation.

Check the reputation of the cottage's owner before renting it.
Check the reputation of the cottage's owner before renting it.

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I stayed in a luxury cottage for a few days with some friends of mine and it was an amazing experience. We were at the top of a very large hill in the woods of Washington and the view was amazing. We could hike, swim and do tons of things in the outdoors. And then we came back each night to a very, very nice cottage.

The kitchen in this place put my own kitchen to shame and we each had our own room. It was not exactly roughing it but it was very nice and a lot of fun for us all.


What is the difference between a cottage and a luxury cottage? Does a luxury cottage have to have a jacuzzi and a gourmet kitchen? If this is the case, what is the difference between a luxury cottage and a very nice cabin or vacation home? I may be getting caught up on semantics, but isn't saying luxury cottage kind of like saying ultra premium tent. There is a roughness implied by the word cottage that gets oddly canceled by the luxury distinction.


Where can I find listings and pictures of rental cottages? I have been able to find other cottage rental sites but a lot of them feature small, old rustic cottages that are nice but not at all what I am looking for. I want something big enough to accommodate my whole family and nice enough that we will not miss any of the creature comforts. A flat screen would be nice too.

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