How Do I Choose the Best Low-Rise Pants?

Amanda R. Bell
Amanda R. Bell
Low-rise pants fit below the hips.
Low-rise pants fit below the hips.

In order to choose the best low-rise pants, you will have to spend a fair amount of time in the dressing room. When shopping, try to forget about what size you usually wear, and gather options in a variety of styles and sizes around your range. Once you have a good assortment of options, start to try the pants on. Move around in them to see how well they fit, and keep in mind that you can have items tailored if necessary. If you are shopping online, it is important to take accurate measurements of your hips and other areas to determine the proper size, and buying from a company with a good return policy can also be helpful.

No matter in what store you shop, your pant size is likely to vary, oftentimes drastically. This is especially true when it comes to low-rise pants, as they fit below the hips, rather than around or above them. If you are not shaped exactly as the manufacturer believes most people of that size are, your pant size may be one or more sizes smaller or larger than what you usually wear.

When choosing different options, find a design or brand that you like and pick up a few different styles in different sizes. Choose one in your usual size, and several different pants in two sizes above and below this size, keeping in mind that even styles by the same brand may vary in fit, even if the size is the same. This will give you a chance to compare how each size and style fits you differently.

Once you have a good selection of low-rise pants, start trying them on. Set aside any items that are obviously too big or too small. Of the low-rise pants that seem to fit, try moving around in them. When it comes to this style, often referred to as hip huggers, poorly made pants can often change position around your hips when you are bending over, sitting down, or simply walking. This can make the pants seem as if they do not fit, or leave you vulnerable to showing more skin than you intend to show.

Keep in mind, when trying on each pair of pants, that you can have items tailored if they fit well in most areas but poorly in others. For example, if the low-rise pants fit you perfectly around your backside, yet gap at the hips, you can always have the pants altered. In most cases, it is easier to take something in rather than make it larger, so, if possible, choose low-rise pants that are slightly too big that can be tailored to fit you perfectly.

Choosing the best low-rise pants when shopping online can be significantly more difficult than shopping in a store. Once you have found a selection of retailers, look at each company’s sizing chart and take your own measurements according to these numbers. Using a soft measuring tape is typically best, and it can be helpful to have another person aid in the measuring. It can be difficult to get accurate measurements on your own in areas around your hips, as the tape may slide around or sit lower in some places than others. When shopping online, make sure that the items will be easy to return in the event that they do not fit you well.

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    • Low-rise pants fit below the hips.
      By: Masson
      Low-rise pants fit below the hips.