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How Do I Choose the Best Low-Carb Restaurants?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

In order to choose the best low-carb restaurants, you need to take into account your personal preferences, specific dietary restrictions, and the policies of each potential restaurant choice. Some cuisines are better suited to low-carb dieting than others, but virtually any dish can be customized so that it contains fewer carbohydrates. The two factors you will want to look for are whether a restaurant has a special low-carb menu, and if the chef is willing to alter regular menu options. You can assemble a list of good low-carb restaurants by looking for information on the Internet, calling each place you are interested in, or by simply asking a server before you place an order.

Before you can find the best low-carb restaurants, it is important for you to have a good understanding of the specific diet plan you are following. Not all low-carb diets are the same, and some recommend that you do not eat out at restaurants. Other low-carb diets do allow you to eat out after an initial phase of eating only food you prepare at home, though there are typically a number of restrictions to follow. If you understand exactly what your diet does and does not allow, you can use that information to find good low-carb restaurants.

Japanese restaurants serve sashimi, which is low in carbohydrates.
Japanese restaurants serve sashimi, which is low in carbohydrates.

One of the best places to start looking for low-carb restaurants is the Internet, since that can allow you to take advantage of the experiences of other people who are following the same diet as you. Some restaurant review sites include special sections for low-carb options, and there are also databases specifically devoted to low-carb restaurants. If you are unable to find this sort of information for your area, or simply prefer to do your own research, then you have a few options to consider.

The most efficient way to look for restaurants that have good low-carb options is to make a list of establishments and then call them. Your first question should be if the restaurant has a low-carb menu. If it does not, you should ask if there are any low-carb options on the regular menu. You can also ask if the kitchen accepts substitutions or custom orders, since that may allow you to order a dish without the breading or heavy sauce that it would normally come with.

If you end up in a restaurant that you have not yet researched, you can ask the server about your options before ordering. You might find that the restaurant lacks any real low-carb dishes, though you may still have some good choices. Salad is one option available at most restaurants, though you should make sure to request your dressing on the side. Dressing can be a big source of carbohydrates and calories, and if you order it on the side you can easily control how much you eat. You can also look for meat entrees that are prepared simply, without heavy sauces and creams, since those dishes will often be lower in carbohydrates than other options.

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    • Japanese restaurants serve sashimi, which is low in carbohydrates.
      By: joesayhello
      Japanese restaurants serve sashimi, which is low in carbohydrates.