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How Do I Choose the Best Loft Conversion Plans?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Many houses feature loft spaces above the top floor of the home that are often used for storage. It is possible to find loft conversion plans that will turn this space into a usable bedroom, office, living space, or playroom, though choosing the best plans is exceptionally important to ensure the space is usable for your needs. Start by thinking carefully about what you want to use the space for. This will have a significant impact on the best loft conversion plans for you. Next, decide on a budget for the project; be reasonable about your budget, but try to be flexible as well.

Loft conversion plans can be designed to be inexpensive and simple, or very expensive and more elaborate. Your budget will determine which plans are most appropriate for you. It may be a wise decision to meet with loft conversion designers who can give you some ideas about what the space can be used for and how much the conversion will cost you. This service will cost some money, but it may be well worth the cost to figure out what the project will cost you before a builder even sets foot in your home.


Be sure to consider who will be using the space when choosing loft conversion plans. If the space is intended to be a playroom for children, for example, you will need to keep safety in mind at all times, particularly around staircases. If the space will be used for an office, creating natural light in the space may be a priority, in addition to storage options and desktop space. A bedroom loft will need to be designed with comfort in mind, and the slopes of the roof will need to be accounted for when planning where the bed will go or any other furniture.

If course, before you choose any loft conversion plans, you will need to figure out if your loft space is suitable for habitability. Local laws and regulations may dictate how much headroom is necessary in the loft for it to be considered habitable, so be sure to do some research. It is also necessary to have an insulated loft space; this can be done as part of the renovation, but remember that existing walls and floors may need to be torn down in order to install such installation, thereby increasing the overall price of the loft conversion plans and project.

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