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How Do I Choose the Best LLC Service?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

Choose the best LLC service by first researching several that you can compare to one another. Specifically, try to find a company that offers the same service as an attorney, but with less cost. Also, compare the timelines involved in obtaining an LLC, as well as the fees being charged by an LLC service. It is also wise to make sure that any service you are considering using also creates LLCs in the state that you would like to incorporate in.

A limited liability company, often referred to simply as an LLC, is a preferred type of business entity for many people. While an individual can file his own LLC, many prefer to use an attorney or an LLC service for the initial creation. As a result, many LLC services advertise that they are able to create an LLC, but all services are not equal. In order to find the best LLC service, you must be prepared to educate yourself on what an LLC is, the steps involved in forming an LLC and the various fees that your government requires when filing a new company. With this knowledge, you can begin to understand the importance of what an LLC service can provide, as well as the areas in which a particular LLC firm may be lacking.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Law firms and individual attorneys may be selected for the creation of a new limited liability company. Many people, however, find that this is not always the most cost-effective route. It is possible that you may find a less expensive alternative by choosing an LLC organizer who is not an attorney, but is experienced in creating LLCs at a lower rate. Understand, however, that some fees cannot be avoided as they are required by the government for filing paperwork relative to forming your limited liability company.

Time is also an important consideration when forming a limited liability company. When shopping for an LLC service, be sure to compare how long each service promises to take in creating your new company. If you need your company in a hurry, be sure to find a company that can deliver within your desired timeframe. Bear in mind, however, that a rush on this service may require an additional fee.

As you begin to narrow your choices, choose the LLC service that has the best reputation for results. This includes professional customer service, good communication, timely turnaround and document filings that are clear of mistakes. Before choosing an LLC service specifically ask if the company is able to file limited liability companies in the state where you desire to have one and if there are any special rules or laws for having such an LLC if you are not a current resident of that state.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up