How Do I Choose the Best Lip Balm Kit?

S. Gonzales

There are many lip balm kit options on the market, but the best ones are often those that make it easy to create lip balms easy and safe to use them. Good lip balm kits will contain all of the tools that you need to create your own at home, including plastic trays, tubes, jars and other tools for mixing and storing lip balm. They also will include healthy ingredients that you can use to create your lip balm and might include labels, sleeves and strings to help make organizing and transporting the balms easier. If avoiding chemicals is a concern, consider lip balm kits that come with all-natural or organic ingredients.

Wheat germ.
Wheat germ.

Choose a lip balm kit with all-natural ingredients when you can. Generally, you should avoid synthetic ingredients when creating your own lip balm, because some of them can be harmful to your body. Ingredients such as phenol, which is also a pesticide; parabens; petroleum jelly; unnatural sunscreens; and artificial colors can cause allergic reactions, contribute to hormone imbalances and even increase the risk of cancer. To avoid these potential problems, choose kits that have all-natural ingredients, which might actually benefit your body.

Petroleum jelly, which can be used to make lip balm.
Petroleum jelly, which can be used to make lip balm.

Though lip balm recipes can vary, when it comes to ingredients, look for those that are pure. Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter are but a few of the natural ingredients that you can use to make lip balm. Other ingredients that you can use include beeswax, wheat germ oil and shea butter. It might also be in your best interest to choose a lip balm kit that advertises organic ingredients, because it might be free of harmful preservatives.

Almond oil is a popular ingredient in lip balm.
Almond oil is a popular ingredient in lip balm.

Consider buying a lip balm kit that includes essential oils. In addition to increasing the healing properties of the natural ingredients in your lip balm, the essential oils can also provide a bit of fragrance to your balms. Research essential oils to find the oil that has the specific healing properties for which you looking. Each essential oil will smell different, of course, but it can also effect how your balm will work on your lips.

If you want your lip balm to function as a lip tint, select a lip balm kit that offers ingredients that will add color to your balms. There are natural ingredients that can add a tint your lip balms, and micas can be used to this end. If you end up buying a lip balm kit that doesn't have coloring ingredients, you can color your lip balms by simply melting a bit of lipstick into balms and mixing the two together.

Lip balm may double as a lip tint.
Lip balm may double as a lip tint.

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I have made my own lip balm for years and have tried several different kinds of oils. I have used olive oil, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil. I have not really found any difference in the quality when using different oils.

I think the beeswax is what makes the home made lip balms so good. You also know that everything in there is natural with no chemical ingredients. Making natural lip balm is very easy and you will be hooked once you start.


I love any kind of lip balm, but especially like to have a little color added. A tip I learned is to slice off pieces of colored lipstick and add that to your beeswax and oil.

This will give your homemade lip balm a slight tint depending on whatever color of lipstick you used. It does seem to take quite a few pieces to give much coloring, so you don't have to worry about it becoming too dark.

The lipstick just adds a nice, soft tint to your lip balm and looks really pretty.


I have seen several different places where you can buy lip balm kits. I have seen them in health food stores, bee keeping catalogs and online suppliers for people who make their own soap and candles.

Once you order one of the kits you are ready to go. Many of them even include labels for you to put on your tubes or containers. It is a great project to do with kids or to give as gifts.

Most people really appreciate hand made gifts, and you can't go wrong with making your own lip balm. It is easy to do and is much better than what you can buy in the store.

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