How Do I Choose the Best Large Nail Clippers?

Cindy Quarters

Typically, large nail clippers are used on the toenails rather than fingernails. When choosing the best clippers, it is important to look for those that are strong enough to handle toenails. They should be made of a good-quality metal that is thick enough to avoid bending, and that resist falling apart or getting damaged. It can be helpful to compare several different clippers to see which ones appear best able to handle the thick nails that are common on feet.

Large nail clippers are often best for toenails.
Large nail clippers are often best for toenails.

One important advantage of using large nail clippers on your toes is that they allow you to cut your nails in a way that helps to prevent the development of ingrown toenails. Bigger clippers can make straight cuts across the top of each toe, something that is highly recommended for healthy feet. Look for clippers where the cutting edge is relatively straight rather than extremely curved, for best results.

Large nail clippers.
Large nail clippers.

Large nail clippers do not have to be expensive, though some types may be.They can often be purchased quite inexpensively, and will still do an acceptable job of clipping your nails. There are some things to consider when purchasing inexpensive large nail clippers, however.

Inexpensive clippers may not be very sharp, or they may be sharp at first but fail to hold an edge. This can make using them difficult, especially when dealing with large, thick toenails. Dull clippers may fail to cut nails properly, tearing them or leaving jagged edges as a result.

Another problem with inexpensive large nail clippers is that they may not be made very well. The pivoting mechanism that is essential to their function may fail, especially if the metal is of very low quality or the manufacturing process is shoddy. Such clippers often break in normal use, and if you have thick toenails the clippers may break very quickly.

Choose large nail clippers that appear to be well made, though it can be hard to tell just by looking. Signs that they are poorly made include the metal finish peeling off along the edges and chips or cracks on the cutting surfaces. Well-made clippers don’t have a shiny metallic coating over cheap metal to make them look better. They also shouldn’t have chips or cracks on the cutting edges, and the edges should both look and have the ability to stay sharp.

Large nail clippers help you to cut your toenails in a way that prevents ingrown toenails.
Large nail clippers help you to cut your toenails in a way that prevents ingrown toenails.

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