How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Basin?

Patrick Lynch

The best type of kitchen basin depends on what the basin is used for. Choose a sink made from a durable material, such as stainless steel, if it is used frequently. Small kitchens cannot support large basins, and sinks with the drain at their rear are good for saving space. A deep basin is best for those who will be washing pots and pans, and a double-bowl is a good option for homeowners looking to wash in one basin and dry in another.

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Woman posing

The kitchen basin is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in the kitchen. It is used on numerous occasions every day, certainly more so than appliances like the microwave or oven. With numerous kitchen basin choices available, choosing one quickly and effectively comes down to the what the basin is used for.

There are a number of issues that need to be considered when purchasing a kitchen basin. The size of the kitchen itself dictates the size of the basin required. A small kitchen will not be able to accommodate an elaborate set up, and a single-bowl basin may be the best choice. Larger kitchens can handle a triple-bowl sink with extra depth.

Another important point to consider is the frequency with which the sink will be used. Stainless steel and cast iron basins are among the best choices for homes where the sink is in almost constant use. Both materials are affordable, durable, and reasonably easy to clean. Yet both materials can show spots if not properly cleaned and may not be suitable with certain types of décor.

A large number of modern kitchen basins have the drain located at the rear of the sink or in the corner. This is beneficial for those with small kitchens because the plumbing can pushed further back, making more cabinet space available. Yet homeowners need to be aware that this type of kitchen basin may not leave enough room for disposal of rubbish.

The depth of a kitchen basin is another issue for homeowners to deal with. A deep basin is convenient for washing large pots and pans, but they can cause problems if a user’s hands do not naturally reach the bottom. Bending down to wash dishes can be fatiguing.

Those who use their kitchen basin for dishwashing might be better served by choosing a sink with two bowls. One can be used for washing and the other for drying. If the sink is only used for washing large pans, choose a deep basin and use the dishwasher for everything else.

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