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How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Treadmill?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Some children can benefit from a kids' treadmill, using it to get in better shape, while others just like to use it to mimic the way their parents exercise. If you are in the market for a treadmill for children, you should first think about size, because it needs to fit your child comfortably. You also should make sure the one you choose comes with safety features, including an emergency shut-off button and cushioned handrails. The color and design of the kids' treadmill you choose also may be significant, because children often prefer exercise equipment in bright colors or with a theme.

Many treadmills for children are miniature versions of the typical adult exercise equipment. Small children usually need a small treadmill if they want to be able to comfortably and safely reach the handrails while looking at the control panel during their workout. Older children may do fine with a regular adult treadmill, especially if they are tall. To find out which type you need, you should allow your child to try out the treadmill before making your purchase. If you are buying a kids' treadmill online, you should check the specifications to find out the dimensions of the exercise equipment, and reading online reviews also may give you an idea of the treadmill that is most compatible with your child's height.

Young boy eating an apple
Young boy eating an apple

Safety is an important feature when shopping for nearly any kids' product. Before you choose a kids' treadmill, you should make sure it has an emergency shut-off feature so you or your child can easily stop it quickly when necessary. The handrails should be easy to grip and at the right height for your child. You may consider getting a manual kids' treadmill if you want particularly safe equipment for a young child, because this type only moves when users move their legs, so there is little chance of clothing getting caught in moving parts. You should, however, make sure a manual treadmill is not too difficult for your child to use if you decide to go this route.

While adult treadmills typically only come in a few neutral colors, kids' treadmills tend to offer a little more variety. The average child's treadmill is brightly colored, because kids tend to like this type of look. You may even be able to find a kids' treadmill that is decorated with images of your child's favorite cartoon character, a design that may hold his attention longer than the average black or silver treadmill. On the other hand, older children may prefer more neutral colors, which may be the best option if you want this equipment to appeal to your child for years.

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    • Young boy eating an apple
      Young boy eating an apple