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How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Hutch?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

When choosing a kids' hutch, you should consider what it will be used for, the space available for the hutch, and what kind of hutch will match the kid's room. You might be able to find a hutch to coordinate with an existing desk, although taking measurements may be necessary.

Before buying a kids' hutch, you should consider what it will be primarily used for. Perhaps your child needs a place to organize and store his computer accessories or equipment. Consider buying a computer desk with matching hutch. A kids' hutch will typically be more basic and less extravagant than a hutch designed for a home office. Still, there are certain options to choose from and factors to consider.

Young boy eating an apple
Young boy eating an apple

You should also consider the dimensions of the child's room and how much storage he requires. If your child needs a hutch for his computer printer and accessories, something small should suffice. If you have the space, you might choose a hutch with several compartments for storing textbooks, writing instruments and even small toys. This can be a convenient way to keep belongings organized for easy access.

For a room with less storage space, consider a kids' hutch that also combines the practicality of a dresser. A combination dresser and hutch can be used to store clothing and toiletries in the bottom drawers, while books or toys may be stored on the top shelves. Most combination units are tall and narrow, taking up very little storage space. You may also want to consider a space-saving corner hutch.

When selecting a kids' hutch, you may want to choose a color that complements the other furniture in your child's room. In addition, consider the style of the existing furniture. If the furniture is contemporary, you may want to avoid a kids' hutch in an early American or traditional style. A wood hutch is often a practical choice for a child's bedroom, as it is generally sturdy and attractive. A natural wood finish can look outdoorsy and rustic for a boy's room, while white or laminate might better suit a girl's bedroom. A hutch for younger girls or boys should be designed for safety, with smooth edges along the sides to prevent injury.

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    • Young boy eating an apple
      Young boy eating an apple