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How Do I Choose the Best Jojoba Lotion?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

In order to select the best jojoba lotion, it is important to first identify what you intend to use the lotion for and select one specifically for that need. For instance, if you plan to use a lotion as a facial moisturizer, it is best to find one that is made for that intended purpose as opposed to purchasing a jojoba hand lotion to use on your face. If using a lotion to address a particular skin issue, you may also want to ask a dermatologist, friends and family members to recommend specific jojoba lotions. Some experts also recommend using lotions containing sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful rays. After identifying a few jojoba lotion types and brands, compare the prices of each and determine which one is most affordable to your budget and that offers the results you are looking for.

The primary ingredient in jojoba lotion is jojoba oil, which can be used to moisturize the face, hands, body and may even be used to moisturize a dry scalp. It is, therefore, a good idea to identify what part of the body you will use a jojoba lotion on and purchase a lotion made for that body part. While a basic jojoba body lotion contains jojoba oil, it may be too harsh to use on sensitive facial skin or may not be potent enough to use to treat a dry scalp.

A woman using jojoba hand lotion.
A woman using jojoba hand lotion.

If treating a particular skin condition, such as alopecia, you may want to ask a dermatologist for advice on which kind of jojoba lotion is the safest and most effective. While jojoba lotion can be very soothing to irritated skin, be aware that some contain other ingredients that may cause an adverse effect. Asking others who have used a jojoba lotion in the past for feedback on certain brands may also be helpful. Selecting a lotion that contains sunscreen may help you find one that moisturizes the skin while protecting it from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Purchasing a good quality jojoba lotion can be expensive in comparison to other lotions. In order to make the best decision on which one to buy, you may want to read the ingredients on any product you are considering to assure that pure jojoba oil is among the main ingredients. Compare the price of several different brands and select the one that offers the best value per ounce as well as the highest concentration of jojoba oil.

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    • A woman using jojoba hand lotion.
      By: Martinan
      A woman using jojoba hand lotion.