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How Do I Choose the Best Jilbab Design?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

When choosing a jilbab design, you should take care to ensure that it meets the modesty requirements set by the community and culture to which you belong or are visiting. After this consideration, you should think about whether the design that interests you is something that is flattering and comfortable for you to wear. Another consideration is whether your choice of jilbab is the design that is commonly worn in the country or area in which you will be wearing it. For example, women in Iran typically wear a raincoat-style overgarment, while women in other countries may wear a long robe that does not open fully in front. Finally, consider the cost and quality of the garment so that you spend your money wisely on the clothing that you need.

The term “jilbab” is typically used to describe a long dress, robe, or coat worn by Muslim women or women who are living in or visiting conservative Muslim countries. Women who observe certain understandings of Islamic modesty codes typically wear a jilbab over their everyday clothes while in public or in the presence of men to whom they are not closely related. The intended use of the jilbab is to conceal the shape of a woman’s body.

Jilbabs should be comfortable but meet local standards of modesty.
Jilbabs should be comfortable but meet local standards of modesty.

as the jilbab is typically worn as an expression of modesty, it is important to choose a jilbab design that fits you in such a way as to not reveal your shape to those who can see you. A modest jilbab design should fit well and comfortably at the shoulders and then hang down loosely. In some cultures, it is acceptable for a jilbab or outer covering to reach mid-thigh, while modesty standards in other countries may require that the jilbab cover a woman to the ankles.

Other considerations include the type of fabric of which the jilbab is made. If you live or travel in very warm areas, you should select a jilbab that is made of fabric that can help you to stay cool while sightseeing or going about your daily tasks. To meet modesty standards, however, the fabric should be reasonably thick so as to not disclose your body underneath. In some regions, you may be expected to stick to black or neutral fabrics; however, in other places it may be quite acceptable to wear brighter colors or an embellished jilbab design.

Cost may also be a factor in your choice of jilbab design. If you are planning to wear a jilbab while traveling, you may wish to choose an inexpensive jilbab. On the other hand, if you plan to wear your jilbab often, it may be more cost effective to spend your money on a high-quality jilbab that will last you a long time.

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    • Jilbabs should be comfortable but meet local standards of modesty.
      By: Distinctive Images
      Jilbabs should be comfortable but meet local standards of modesty.