How do I Choose the Best Investment Trust Management?

Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

Investment trust management is the company or investment firm you choose to help you manage the portfolio of investments that you hold in trust. When you hold investments in a trust, you assign a trustee to hold and manage the assets in the trust for the beneficiary of the trust account. In order to choose the best investment trust management, you first need to determine which companies offer the solutions that fit your financial needs, then consider the experience of the manager and the company’s level of customer service and quality.

Your first stop in determining whether the investment trust management company is the best one for you is to assess the types of assets the account can hold. Different trusts are able to hold different types of assets. For example, not all trusts are able to buy and hold real estate. If you want to hold real estate in the name of the trust, then you first need to identify the investment trust management companies that allow you to do this.

Second, you want to assess the knowledge and experience of the financial representative you will be working with in the trust management. Not only should you assess how long they have been financial managers, but you should also assess their personality and your ability to work with them. Investment trust management situations go beyond the investments themselves, so make sure that the person you choose is someone you get along with and feel comfortable working together.

The company involved in the investment trust management is made up of different levels of interaction. You should investigate the quality of the company’s customer service. In addition, consider the different customer service or account access options the company provides you to access your account. For example, some investment trust management companies only provide you with monthly statements.

If you are looking for a company that provides you with online access, then receiving a paper statement in the mail once a month may not fit your needs. Some companies have 24-hour customer service hotlines you can call outside of the normal business hours of your representative. If this is an important feature for an account, then verify that this is an option.

In order to choose the best investment trust management company, evaluate your needs on several different levels. Start with assessing the types of assets or investments you want to invest in with your trust account. Then, move on to assessing the human-factor of the working relationship. Choose the company that fits all or the majority of your needs.

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    • Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
      Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone