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How do I Choose the Best Interior Design Courses?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best interior design courses for you depends on your main reasons for taking each course. It's a good idea to take some time to analyze what you need and want out of each class in order to further your design career. You should look for accredited interior design courses in your region or country, such as those approved by a well-known professional body like the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research (FIDER) in North America.

Joining professional groups and attending meetings or workshops can allow you to meet and network with other aspiring interior designers. You can also use networking opportunities with designers and design teachers to ask for recommendations for the best interior design courses in the area. Approaching local interior design firms and requesting an informational interview from a manager is also an appropriate method of asking for class or school recommendations.

A home decorated by an interior designer.
A home decorated by an interior designer.

When you request an informational interview, be mindful of the manager's time and ask only a few polite questions. Gaining such professional information can help you make your final decision about choosing the best interior design courses for you. Remember that they should fit in with your career plan by helping you gain the knowledge you need as well as the required class credits.

If you're working at another job while taking interior design courses, you may want to consider online classes. Make sure these fit into your overall education program and are accredited by an official interior design industry organization valid in your location and country. Whether you decide to take design classes in person or online, the best course is always one that is at the right level for your experience. If you take an advanced class that you're not ready for, you may receive a lower mark than you'd like; it could bring down your grade average for your interior design education program.

If you're piecing together the courses and credits you need to compete your interior design program, you have to make sure you meet the overall requirements for a complete education as deemed appropriate by your school and official professional organization such as FIDER. Some of the different types of interior design courses that you could need to round out your required core classes may include the history of furniture or architectural terms. If you choose a specialty design area, such as commercial interiors, make sure that you compete the requirements of your course program.

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    • A home decorated by an interior designer.
      By: slavun
      A home decorated by an interior designer.