How do I Choose the Best Insurance Fraud Lawyer?

N. Madison

Choosing the best insurance fraud lawyer may help you win your case. You may do well to choose a lawyer who is both licensed in your jurisdiction and experienced with insurance fraud cases. You may also seek a lawyer who has a good reputation among former clients and colleagues. Additionally, you may choose the best insurance fraud lawyer by arranging consultations at which you can judge the demeanor of the lawyers you are considering.

A free consultation might help someone choose an insurance fraud lawyer.
A free consultation might help someone choose an insurance fraud lawyer.

It is typically critical to select an insurance fraud lawyer who is licensed in your jurisdiction and experienced with handling insurance fraud cases. Some people may opt to hire general lawyers to handle these types of cases, especially if they have worked with a general lawyer in the past. Most legal experts recommend against this, however. Often, a general lawyer does not have the specific experience and knowledge necessary to provide an insurance fraud client with the best chance of winning his case.

You may also do well to check whether or not a lawyer has experience with your particular type of case before you hire him. For example, if you are the defendant in a case of hard fraud, which involves faking an insurance claim for the purpose of collecting money to which you were not entitled, you will likely want to be sure your attorney has handled hard fraud cases in the past. Likewise, if your case involves soft fraud, which means you are charged with lying in order to collect more than a claim was worth, you will typically be most comfortable with an attorney who has handled a significant number of soft fraud cases.

It can be particularly difficult to determine how competent and talented an insurance fraud lawyer is just by speaking with him or reading his marketing materials. To boost your chances of choosing well, you may select an insurance fraud attorney based on reviews as well. For example, you may read reviews and testimonials provided by an attorney’s former clients before making your decision. You may also find peer review websites helpful as you attempt to make the best choice.

Arranging free consultations with insurance fraud lawyers may also help you make the right decision. For example, you may assess an attorney's demeanor and evaluate how comfortable you feel with him at a consultation appointment. Likewise, you may take into consideration how organized an attorney keeps his office and note whether or not his staff is courteous as you make a final decision.

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