How Do I Choose the Best Instant Heat Curling Iron?

Kaci Lane Hindman
Kaci Lane Hindman
Barrel sizes for curling irons range between 3/8" to 2".
Barrel sizes for curling irons range between 3/8" to 2".

It might seem difficult to choose which instant heat curling iron to buy, since there are now as many options as there are hairstyles. These hair tools can be purchased at almost any discount store, super center, hair salon, or online. The best way for a woman to go about choosing the correct instant heat curling iron is to consider her lifestyle and personal needs.

The first thing to consider is the size. The smaller the circumference of the barrel on a curling iron, the smaller the curls it will create. Barrel sizes typically range from as small as 3/8 inch (about 1 cm) to 2 inches (5.08 cm). Some instant heat curling irons also create more precise looks, such as a spiral barrel curling iron. Others even offer two tools in one, by having a flat iron on one side or brush bristles around the barrel.

Most importantly, not all instant heat curling irons are equal when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. Before buying an instant heat curling iron, it is smart to pay attention to the heat setting controls. Not all instant heat curling irons have a range of heat settings; they heat up quickly, but it might not be possible to control the temperature. A hotter temperature could cause more damage to hair with fine texture than hair with coarse texture.

Another feature to look for is what the barrel material is made of. Most barrels are made from some type of metal. While these types generally cost less, they are not the best for the hair. Ceramic irons hold moisture to keep hair from drying out as much. Other instant heat curling irons have barrels covered in velvet; these give hair a softer look and keep the ends from breaking so easily.

A woman should think about how often she will use an instant heat curling iron. Always check the box to see the warranty limitations and projected life of that particular curling iron. A sturdy cord with a swivel connection will endure more use than a narrow cord.

Although a traditional plug-in cord is the most common source for heating an instant heat curling iron, other options include those with retractable cords, steam, or cordless power sources. Women who travel often and need more portable styling tools might consider a curling iron that is designed with packing in mind. Many instant heat curling irons come with a heat-protecting travel case.

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    • Barrel sizes for curling irons range between 3/8" to 2".
      By: Africa Studio
      Barrel sizes for curling irons range between 3/8" to 2".