How Do I Choose the Best Insect Wipes?

Erin J. Hill

When choosing insect wipes, you should consider whether you want chemical-based wipes or more natural options. You should also keep in mind the activities you'll be doing after using the wipes, since some situations make you more susceptible to insect bites than others. The scent, or lack of scent, is also something you might want to keep in mind, particularly if you are sensitive to fragrances.

Insect wipes.
Insect wipes.

Insect wipes usually refer to wipes that are soaked in bug repellent. This is the same substance used in sprays you would apply to the arms and legs. Most contain chemicals that naturally repel or kill bugs, but there are more natural options you can choose from as well. Whether you want a natural or chemical-based option is another factor you should consider, since many people try to avoid harsh chemicals on the skin. There is some indication that chemical bug repellents can be harmful, so if you use them regularly, it may be a good idea to consider using organic or natural insect wipes.

Insect wipes can be used to ward off mosquitoes.
Insect wipes can be used to ward off mosquitoes.

If you will be doing activities near water or other locations where insects might be heavy, you should consider getting extra strength insect wipes. Some situations where you might need extra protection are while fishing, hunting, or eating outdoors. When possible, use other precautions so that you don't have to apply too much repellent onto your skin directly. You should also consider whether you will be sweating during this time, since it is possible to sweat away some of the protection.

To repel bugs using tactics other than insect wipes, choose from a wide range of products and devices that can help without having to apply pesticides to your body. Wear long sleeves whenever possible when working or playing in areas where bugs may be found in high quantities. This is especially important when walking through the woods or tall fields, since ticks are more prone to these areas, and they can cause serious health problems. While picnicking, you may light bug repellent candles or use an electronic device that uses waves to repel insects.

Make sure you check which insects are more prevalent in the area you will be in during the time you'll be susceptible to bites. Make sure the insect wipes you choose are made to repel this type of insect. Those that work for various species are best.

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