How do I Choose the Best Ingrown Hair Remover?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

When selecting an ingrown hair remover, there are several methods available to choose from including tweezing the ingrown hair, using a topical treatment, and, in severe cases, using laser light treatment for permanent hair removal. There are many types of ingrown hairs that may appear on the face, legs, arms, and pubic region of the body. These painful, red, inflamed, pimple-like blemishes are the result of an individual hair growing back into the skin instead of away from the surface. This action causes trauma and distress to the hair follicle and surrounding skin, resulting in a blemish often characterized by redness and swelling and may be pus-filled as well. Ingrown hairs are often embarrassing for the affected person, especially when it appears on an easily visible area.

Exfoliating with a wet sponge may help prevent ingrown hairs.
Exfoliating with a wet sponge may help prevent ingrown hairs.

The most common type of ingrown hair remover is a common pair of needle nose tweezers, sterilized with rubbing alcohol before use. The tip of the tweezers should be carefully inserted under the ingrown hair and gently lifted to remove the hair from the skin surface. Once the end of the hair can be seen, the affected area should be cleaned with an alcohol wipe to remove any surface dirt and oil as well as any discharge from the ingrown hair site. If the ingrown hair is located in a hard to reach place, it may be necessary to have the assistance of another person during this procedure.

Ingrown hairs can be plucked with sterilized tweezers.
Ingrown hairs can be plucked with sterilized tweezers.

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Some people choose to treat ingrown hairs with prepared topical solutions that can be found in most drug stores or from reputable online sources. This type of ingrown hair remover is made mostly from rubbing alcohol but may also include some skin conditioning or moisturizing ingredients. Ingrown hair treatment of this type should be used immediately following hair removal methods, such as shaving or waxing, for the best results. The product should be applied directly to the area, though a cotton ball or swab can be used for delicate areas such as the eyebrows and bikini line.

A dermatologist or doctor may suggest laser procedures as a permanent ingrown hair remover. This procedure uses lasers to penetrate the outer layers of the skin, reaching the offending hair follicles. The laser then destroys the follicle, making it impossible for further hair production in that area. This treatment is very gentle on the skin, causes little discomfort, and does not require any recovery time. In most cases, the patients are pleased with the results and no longer suffer from ingrown hair in the treated areas.

An ingrown hair.
An ingrown hair.

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