How Do I Choose the Best Income Statement Software?

M. Kayo

With so many companies touting their income statement software as the best on the market, it may seem like a challenge to find the best one for your needs. Carefully study the options and features available for each type of software before you make a final selection. The best income statement software will fit your particular circumstances and provide up-to-the-minute information on your financial situation. One of the best ways to find a software that works best for you is to talk with others who are using similar software. Financial software may be challenging and complicated for some people, so be sure to choose a software that offers easy to understand instructions.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

In order to choose the best income statement software, make a list of your particular financial needs. If you don't know what these are, make an appointment with your accountant and get an assessment your current financial situation. From that information, you can make a list of desired features and functions like continuous updates on assets, liabilities, mortgages, bank account transactions, and credit card balances. Also, because accounting software is designed for different users and situations, determine your own level of accounting knowledge and select a software that you can easily use. Choosing the wrong income statement software, even if it is offered free of charge, may only complicate an already confusing financial situation.

Do some research by studying various accounting software reviews and talking with others who are satisfied with their income statement software. Check out one of the many forums on the Internet in which users of a particular software discuss the negative and positive aspects of that software. Another good source for getting the best information on a particular software is an online review website. Also, use free trial periods to actually use the income statement software and determine if it is right for your specific financial situation. Some financial statement software may provide a good one-time snapshot of your financial situation but require time-consuming manual input of other new financial information in order to provide an updated assessment.

Income statements, like some other accounting statements, may prove to be a challenge for some people. Basically, you need an income statement software that keeps track of your income, who owes you money, debt, your net profit or loss, and your bank reconciliation. Your particular needs may go beyond that and consulting an accountant can help determine the right software for you. Finally, make sure the software includes step-by-step tutorials that explain all the functions and features.

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