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How do I Choose the Best Hyperbaric Clinic?

C. Stoliecki
C. Stoliecki

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves the administration of oxygen at pressures higher than those experienced in the normal atmosphere. There are many things you should take into account when choosing the best hyperbaric clinic. These include determining which conditions are approved for treatment, the equipment available, whether the clinic is forced to adhere to hospital standards and whether the clinic's technicians are certified.

First, it is necessary to determine a list of conditions that the hyperbaric clinic will treat. For instance, in some jurisdictions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been approved for a limited number of medical conditions. Other jurisdictions might have fewer or more approved conditions. Many people believe that this treatment is effective for treating many other ailments in addition to those that have been approved. Some hyperbaric clinics, however, will treat only those patients seeking relief from one of the conditions that have been approved in that particular country or jurisdiction.

A hyperbaric chamber.
A hyperbaric chamber.

You also should determine the type of hyperbaric chambers used at each facility. Monoplace chambers treat one patient at a time. Multiplace chambers are capable of treating several patients. If treatment is being sought for a child who needs to be monitored while he or she is in the chamber, or for an adult who must be closely monitored for medical reasons, you should choose a hyperbaric clinic that uses multiplace chambers so that this task can easily be accomplished.

The best hyperbaric clinic will adhere to the highest standards in the industry and all applicable laws. Hospital clinics have higher standards that they must follow. Many freestanding clinics are also required to adhere to strict hospital standards, so it is important to consider this when making a decision. The best hyperbaric clinic also will employ only certified technicians. You can ask the clinic for proof that the technicians have been certified, and you can check with a government health department to see whether the clinic has been cited for failing to comply with any laws or regulations.

Finally, after you have determined whether a particular clinic has met all of these standards, a visit to a clinic can help you ensure that it is suitable. During this visit, it is important to ask questions and note how the staff members respond to them. If they are friendly and helpful, it is more likely that facility is of a higher quality. Also note whether the clinic appears to be clean and sanitary, which could indicate that dedicated and knowledgeable staff members take care of it.

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    • A hyperbaric chamber.
      By: Steve Simpson
      A hyperbaric chamber.