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How do I Choose the Best Hydraulic Massage Tables?

A. Rohlandt
A. Rohlandt

The first consideration when choosing a hydraulic massage table is whether you need a massage bench or a chair. The kind of massage you wish to perform will determine which kind of massage table you should choose. Some other factors to keep in mind are that the hydraulic lift functions smoothly and reliably and whether the massage table features a foot pedal rather than a push button. The table should also be of sufficient width and easy to walk around, and the hydraulic lift should have sufficient lifting capacity. Also consider how much customization the table offers and if any extras are included.

Massage chairs and massage benches are the two basic types of hydraulic massage tables. Massage benches are the most common kind and can be used for any kind of treatment or massage, but it is important to check if the bench has a tilting function to add extra versatility. The best hydraulic massage tables have sufficient padding and upholstery that is easy to clean and durable.

A man getting a massage.
A man getting a massage.

For working on the face, hands or feet and for Swedish massage, sports massage or treatments such as reflexology or acupuncture, massage chairs are often used. When purchasing a hydraulic massage chair you should check to see if the chair allows enough room for your legs to fit under the table, should you choose to use a stool during certain phases of the treatment.

The best hydraulic massage tables have a sturdy but lightweight metal frame and feature a hydraulic lift that functions smoothly and reliably with as little noise as possible. The hydraulic lift enables the therapist to adjust the height of the table. This is important to ensure that both the recipient and therapist are comfortable during the massage.

These tables are especially useful for those who have limited mobility and might struggle to get onto the massage table. Most of the hydraulic lifts have the capacity to lift between 500 pounds (about 1100 kgs) and 600 pounds (about 1320 kgs), which is more than enough to deal with a heavier-than-average person.

The lift system on a hydraulic massage table is operated by either a push button or foot pedal. It is important to remember that those with a foot pedal offer hands-free adjustment, which allows extra versatility and not having to interrupt the massage to change the height of the table. The level of customization offered should also be considered, and whether arm or leg rests can be adjusted easily. Hydraulic massage tables often come with extras such as arm rests, leg rests and face cradles. Check to see which of these the table you are interested in includes before purchasing.

In the US you may also want to check that the massage table you choose complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) since a percentage of the cost of the table may be deductible for tax purposes.

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    • A man getting a massage.
      By: dgmata
      A man getting a massage.