How do I Choose the Best Human Resources Distance Learning Program?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Before applying to any human resources distance learning programs, it is important that you know your own educational and career goals so you can choose the program that is most appropriate for you. Distance learning schools often offer more than one human resources distance learning program, from continuing education courses to bachelor's and master's degree programs. Decide what you want to do with your degree, and then research degree programs that would get you the credentials you need to secure a position in the field. Once you have narrowed down your search to a few schools, eliminate the schools that are not accredited.

A woman taking an HR distance learning class.
A woman taking an HR distance learning class.

Human resources distance learning programs offered by accredited schools will end up being most valuable to most students. The accreditation process ensures the school is offering a high quality education that is recognized and respected by other educational institutions, and more importantly by employers. Pay close attention to what human resources distance learning programs are accredited, and by what agency the school or program has received accreditation. The most sought after accreditations are regional accreditations because they are most often recognized and respected by employers and other educational institutions. Accreditation may also have an impact on what types of financial aid you are eligible for, and whether your earned credits will be transferable to another school.

Make sure you research the specific application requirements for the human resources distance learning programs you are considering. Each program will have different requirements, though most will want to see your transcripts from high school or college as well as a resumé or other qualifications. Some may require you to write an essay or personal statement about your educational and career goals. Be sure to read the applications ahead of time to be prepared for the specific requirements. Note the application fee as well, as some fees are more expensive than others.

Be sure to research the ways in which classes are conducted. Some human resources distance learning programs will utilize different technologies and teaching methods than other programs, so be sure to choose the one that works best for your learning style. Consider, too, whether the classes are taught synchronously — that is, the class takes place at the same time every day or other day, and all students must be online or otherwise present at the distance learning class at the same time — or whether it is taught asynchronously, allowing you to work on coursework at your own pace whenever you can.

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    • A woman taking an HR distance learning class.
      A woman taking an HR distance learning class.