How do I Choose the Best House Number Plaque?

Autumn Rivers

While most houses come with the address already on the front, many homeowners replace it with a new house number plaque since the original numbers may be difficult to see. Before you purchase a new plaque, take size into consideration so that it is easily visible from the street. You should also consider the material of the sign, with wood, metal, and ceramic being the most popular types available. Of course, the design of the plaque is also important, as it should simultaneously complement your home while allowing passers-by to clearly see your house number.

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Woman posing

Most people replace the old house numbers with a new plaque because the existing ones are hard to see, especially at night. If visitors to your home often complain that the house is hard to find due to the numbers not being very clear, a larger house number plaque should help. Consider how large it needs to be before you buy, as there are various sizes on the market. For example, if your house is far back from the road, or is located on a busy street that requires people to drive by quickly, you should look at the largest signs available. Of course, the larger signs are usually more expensive, so if your home is close to the road and in a quiet area with little traffic, the house number plaque does not usually need to be particularly large.

The material of the sign should mesh well with your home's design. For example, if your home is made of wood, with a traditional style, a wooden house number plaque would likely look good. A more modern design on the home usually calls for a metal plaque. If you cannot decide what would look best, note that ceramic plaques usually complement most homes, regardless of housing material or style. You may also wish to look at the plaques of other homes in your neighborhood for ideas.

Though a house number plaque is quite functional, it can also serve as an outdoor home decoration, which you should keep in mind when deciding on the design. Most people prefer to have some distinctive features on their outdoor plaques, such as an interesting font or a colorful border around the numbers. This is most often seen on ceramic plaques, though wooden and metal signs can also usually be painted. Of course, consider the exterior of your home before you decide on a design for the house number plaque. For example, a plain sign might be best if your yard looks full, as it can balance out a particularly busy exterior.

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@ocelot60- I think that wooden decorative house numbers would look very nice with the colors of your home. You can find them in individual numbers, or mounted on a sign. You could even have one made by a sign maker in the colors of your house.


@ocelot60- I don't think that most people consider what a nice house plaque does for the curb appeal of a home, but it can add a lot of style to the exterior. It's also very helpful to have house numbers that can be easily seen from the road.

I think that many different types of house number plaques look good on a ranch-style home. I like your idea about using individual number tiles, and I think that matching them to your home's hardware will look nice. For example, if you have gold door handles, gold-finished numbers will match perfectly. I have seen individual house numbers in a variety of sizes, and I think that large numbers with metal finishes are very attractive.

You might also want to consider a ceramic house number plaque. These usually have numbers placed on a white background, which makes them easy to see from a distance. They often can be found in a variety of colors, so you might be able to find one that matches the color scheme of your home's exterior.


I have an old house number plaque that is falling apart, so I want to replace it with something that compliments my home. I'm considering individual plaques, one for each of the four digits in my house number. I live in a traditional ranch-style house that is painted beige with green shutters. Any suggestions?

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