How Do I Choose the Best Hooded Pajamas?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.

Choose the best hooded pajamas by considering the climate the pajamas will be worn in. Some hooded pajamas are worn simply for style, while the hood on other types of cold-weather pajamas may actually be worn to keep the head warm. When choosing pajamas, always pay attention to the care instructions and how comfortable the pajamas are likely to be so as not to interrupt sleep.

It is important to keep the wearer in mind when shopping for hooded sleepwear. Caution should be exercised when shopping for children’s hooded pajamas, as a hood extending from pajamas can be hazardous for young and very active children. If shopping for adult hooded pajamas, less caution is necessary, but style may be more important, instead. You may also choose from several different themes when shopping for pajamas. Children will likely prefer certain characters to be featured on their pajamas, while adults may prefer certain themes, like hearts for Valentine’s Day or other holiday themes.

There are several styles and types of pajamas available in department stores, specialty stores and online shopping venues. Buying pajamas, however, is not always a fast purchase, nor should it be. Whether you are planning on wearing hooded pajamas or other pajama styles, it is important to take your time in making a selection to find the pajamas that offer the most comfort, the best fit and that are suitable to your personal sense of style.

A very important factor in choosing the best hooded pajamas is determining what climate the pajamas will be worn in. Fabric selections will weigh heavily on your comfort in different climates. If you will wear your pajamas in a warm climate, silk pajamas may be a good choice to help keep your body cool. If wearing your hooded pajamas in a cold climate, however, flannel or fleece pajamas will help keep you warm.

The care instructions for hooded pajamas should also be a consideration while you are shopping for sleepwear. If you plan to wear the pajamas frequently, choose styles and fabrics that can be washed often without fading, without wearing thin and pajamas that do not have decorative attachments that are likely to be damaged from frequent washing. Additional lace and ribbons may not fare well with repeated washings either, so take this into consideration when selecting your pajamas. Choose pajamas that are as easy to care for as possible, that will maintain their shape and style for a long time, and that will best contribute to a comfortable night’s rest.

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I don’t see why anyone would want a hood on their silk pajamas. If I were shopping for pajamas with a hood, then I would either go for cotton or flannel.

The whole purpose of a hood to me is warmth. If I’m wearing silk pajamas, I obviously don’t care about staying warm, and even if I did, a silk hood wouldn’t help much.

I have a fleece-lined cotton pullover hoodie with matching lined pants, and I wear these when I’m sleeping on the couch sometimes, just to stay warm. If I know I’m probably going to fall asleep watching TV, I will put on these pajamas so that I don’t freeze during the night.


My husband and I have matching hooded pajama sets. We wear them whenever we have relatives over, just to be cute.

Our pajamas are made of plaid flannel in green, black, and red. The hood is just a continuation of the rest, and it is just as warm.

To me, the hood is useful for times when you have to step outside for a moment in your pajamas. Going to pick up the paper from the end of the driveway or to take out the trash are instances in which we like to pull our hoods on, especially if it’s snowing.


@seag47 - You might be surprised at how many adults actually wear hooded footed pajamas for warmth. I know a guy who can’t stay warm unless his feet and head are covered, even in a house with central heat.

He wears solid color microfleece pajamas with a hood and feet. The hood has a drawstring, and he draws it tightly around his face.

I don’t know how he sleeps like that. I couldn’t sleep with something on my head, and I rarely even sleep with socks on, because I get too hot. Some people just need extra insulation, though.


Hooded footie pajamas for adults can be funny. I think they are often intended as a joke instead of a comfortable type of sleepwear.

My friend bought some dinosaur pajamas that are intended to make the wearer actually look like a dinosaur. They hood has eyes on top of it, and there is even a ridge of soft material running down the back, where you will find a long tail!

I can understand how pajamas made of a warm material might need a hood to complete their purpose, but the majority of hooded pajamas I have seen also have enclosed feet and are made into characters. I would probably never wear this type of pajamas.

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    • Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
      By: philip kinsey
      Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.