How do I Choose the Best Higher Education School?

Keith Koons

There are many factors to consider when searching for the best higher education school, and the answers often are always simple. Researching the top universities that provide education in the desired profession is an excellent place to start, and since these colleges often have waiting lists it is always a good idea to begin the applications as early as possible. Learning about where companies are hiring their newest employees from is another sound move when seeking a higher education school; some companies even have contracts with certain universities to grant interviews to graduating students shortly before graduation. Other factors like price, availability, and geographic location may also be something to consider since many higher education school students are already working.

The University of Bologna in Italy is considered one of the world's top universities.
The University of Bologna in Italy is considered one of the world's top universities.

Many different publications are available that rate the best higher education schools around the world. The criteria for determining how these lists are prepared can vary by publication, but can include the reputation of the school, teachers, and alumni; selectivity in admission; and how much money the school receives from the government and other sources. Taking the time to scan through one of these lists will not only show which colleges have the most reputable programs with the highest academic standards, but can also give an indication of which schools are not as well respected.

Some employers also may have favorites among universities and learning institutions, so before choosing a higher education school it would make sense to see where some of the top industry leaders attended. If the student is preparing for a specific position within a certain firm or business, then this strategy becomes even more beneficial since the prospective student can learn exactly where recently hired candidates attended college. In fact, many businesses will say that they prefer scholars from a limited number of prestigious institutions, so it pays to have that information available before submitting any applications.

Another factor in choosing a higher education school is the amount of time and money available, since obtaining a degree can be very time consuming at some universities. On average, one in three students attending a traditional higher education school fail to complete the program within the suggested time frame because of personal difficulties, so it is important to consider these issues before starting the enrollment process. In the same regard, choosing a university strictly on prestige may not make sense for people working full time; these programs were designed for younger, unemployed students who can dedicate a large number of hours per week to their studies. The best higher education school may depend on the school's flexibility and the time the student can commit to the program.

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