How Do I Choose the Best Heavy Equipment Rental?

Jeremy Laukkonen

In order to end up with the best heavy equipment rental possible, you should typically take the job you need done, and the potential rental agencies, into account. Each job requires different types of heavy equipment, and the specific equipment you need can even depend on the job site itself. You should also consider all of the necessary attachments you may need before you settle on a heavy equipment rental. After you have determined exactly what you need, and how long you will need it for, you can take that information to the local rental agencies. Some heavy equipment rental companies offer discounts if you make advanced reservations, or require the machinery for more than a day, so it is important to take that into consideration.

Consider the type of work site and necessary equipment before deciding on a rental.
Consider the type of work site and necessary equipment before deciding on a rental.

The most important factors to consider when trying to choose the best heavy equipment rentals are the type of work you need to do, and the job site where it will be performed. There are many different types of heavy equipment, from small tractors to large backhoes, and the right choice is largely dependent on the particular job. A small tractor with a lot of modular attachments may be the best choice if you need one piece of equipment to perform several functions around a job site; digging large trenches, or moving heavy boulders, may call for a backhoe.

It can be equally important to consider the job site itself, since different working conditions can require specific types of heavy equipment. If your job site has loose or wet soil, then you may want to consider heavy equipment with tracks. Wheeled vehicles will typically not perform well in those situations, though they can be the right choice under other circumstances.

In addition to choosing the right type of heavy equipment, you should also take into account the amount of time you are likely to need your rentals. If you can plan this out in advance, then reserving your heavy equipment rental early may also be a good idea. Determining these details ahead of time can help you complete your project in a timely manner, but it may also be useful information to have when attempting to select the best heavy equipment rental agencies.

Not all rental agencies offer discounts, but many do. One common discount is typically offered if you rent equipment for two or more days, and another rewards you for making advanced reservations. When you contact your different rental options, it is typically a good idea to inquire about all the potential discounts they offer in addition to the actual rates. If one company has a higher base rate, but will provide you with a substantial discount for making an advanced reservation, that may prove to be the best heavy equipment rental.

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