How do I Choose the Best Handmade Body Butter?

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

Body butter is a beauty product meant to provide intense moisture to the skin. These thick creams can provide excellent relief for people with dry or damaged skin. Handmade body butter is preferred by some people for a variety of reasons. Having a clear understanding of the crafting process and ingredients can help buyers choose the best handmade body butter.

Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

Since the usual point of using body butter is to soften and heal dry skin, be certain that the treatment is providing these benefits. Within a few weeks of regular use, skin should be softer to the touch. Itchiness and flaking caused by over-dry skin should subside, and no allergic reactions should be present where the product is used. Even if it smells delicious, if improvement isn’t apparent after a month, the product is not working. It may take some trial and error to find the best handmade body butter for an individual, so consider asking makers for trial supplies before buying a full-size product.

The term handmade typically implies that the product is not mass-produced by a factory or machinery, but is instead crafted in small batches by a craftsman. Most of the time, handmade products will feature simple ingredients and not contain many chemical additives. People who prefer to know exactly what goes into a product may prefer to buy handmade body butter, as it is clear which ingredients are present.

Knowing the ingredients may also be a great benefit to those who suffer from allergies. Nut oils, fragrances, herbs, and flowers are all common ingredients in body butter. People with allergies may find it difficult to buy mass-produced products, as ingredient lists are often lengthy and confusing, and may contain distilled or synthetic versions of allergens that have a different name. Handmade body butter may contain allergens, but these can usually be identified just by reading the ingredients. Choosing handmade body butter that will not trigger allergic reactions can be an important part of experiencing a soothing skin treatment.

Body butters are available in a wide variety of colors and scents. When deciding which to use, remember that strong scents may linger throughout the day. Since body butter is often applied after showering or bathing, the product may sink into pores and act as perfume for hours after use. Be certain to find a scent that is appealing, or choose a body butter that is unscented.

Choosing the best handmade body butter can also have a lot to do with lifestyle preferences. It is easy to find body butters that contain no animal ingredients, use only organic ingredients, practice fair trade with suppliers, or even support the local economy. Some handmade body butter makers may even donate a portion of profits to charities, so consider looking for a body butter that matches personal values. It’s quite possible to find a product that not only soothes skin, but also supports charity or the environment.

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

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