How do I Choose the Best Hand Held Vacuum?

K T Solis
K T Solis
Hand held vacuum cleaners are portable and cordless.
Hand held vacuum cleaners are portable and cordless.

Handheld vacuums are small vacuum cleaners designed to clean up small spills or hard-to-reach areas. They are portable, simple to use, and popular with many consumers. Some handheld vacs have cords while others are cordless. The store shelves are fully stocked with handheld vacuums of every style and brand, but what should consumers look for when they wish to buy a handheld vacuum? There are several factors to consider before spending money on this home appliance.

When deciding to purchase a handheld vacuum, consumers should first determine if the vacuum offers a warranty. A good warranty is essential for a handheld model since these types of vacuums don't last as long as their larger counterparts. Choose a handheld vacuum that can be comfortably held in the hand. Since a handheld vacuum is used for small spills and hard-to-reach places, it's important that the person using the appliance can use it without too much difficulty.

It is wise to purchase a vacuum that has a large capacity as well, so that the dirt cup can be emptied on a less frequent basis. Select a handheld vacuum that allows the user to empty the cup easily. Some hand vacuums will have an opening system that doesn't require the user to remove a dirty filter with the hands.

When shopping for a cordless model, look for a vacuum that has a charging system that can be a mounted to a wall. This will enable the appliance to be ready to use at any moment. Some cordless hand vacuumss may only run for five minutes before needing recharging, while other models will run for a much longer length of time.

Recharging a cordless handheld vacuum often requires several hours. The batteries usually last just a few years and replacements can be costly. A hand vac with a cord can be nearly as powerful as a large vacuum and doesn't rely on batteries to function; however, these cord hand vacs often overheat and automatically shut off after five to 10 minutes of use.

Some handheld vacuums come with extra features to make cleaning jobs a little easier. For example, some vacs may have extension wands, crevice attachments, a wet/dry function, a motorized brush attachment, or upholstery brush attachments. Consumers should consider which extras are important to them and choose a hand vacuum based on this criteria.

A handheld vacuum does not replace the conventional vacuum cleaner in the home. Handheld vacuums are designed for small cleaning jobs; they are not made to vacuum large areas. Since some models have limited power, consumers should not use them on deep-pile carpets.

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There are models that have a two or three year warranty: Makita, Hoover and Dyson. They are a bit more expensive than cheaper Eurekas, but it is an added peace of mind element in case it breaks down.


why do handheld vacuums lose power after six months to a year? Is there one that doesn't?

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    • Hand held vacuum cleaners are portable and cordless.
      By: jackmicro
      Hand held vacuum cleaners are portable and cordless.