How Do I Choose the Best Hair Masque?

T. Alaine
T. Alaine
A hair masque may help promote shiny, healthy hair.
A hair masque may help promote shiny, healthy hair.

Choosing the best hair masque depends on the unique qualities of your hair and the results that you hope to see from using the masque. Most types of hair masques have a few common goals in mind, most notably moisturizing, strengthening and increasing shine. Even though most hair masques seek to meet these goals, there are multiple subcategories for different hair types, such as fine hair, curly hair and color-treated hair. You can find a masque for every possible price range, from expensive luxury products to simple homemade recipes.

The first step in choosing the best hair masque is to identify the main problems you have with your hair. If your hair is extremely dry and damaged, you should look for an intensive moisturizing product. These masques generally will have a thick, creamy texture and contain a slew of hydrating ingredients such as natural butters and oils. Some examples of moisturizers include shea butter, avocado and nut oils. A hair masque that is very moisturizing will also be beneficial for curly hair, which is generally more prone to dryness and frizz than straighter hair is.

Some hair types are not well suited to excessively rich or thick masques. For example, thin or fine hair might be weighed down by heavy products, making them appear limp or even greasy. If you have thin or fine hair, look for a lighter product that will not weigh down hair, such as a light oil or a thinner cream. People who are prone to oiliness should also avoid particularly heavy products or look for a hair masque that is specifically designed to combat oiliness and add volume.

Another category of hair masque is designed to smooth hair and decrease frizziness. These types of masques act more like styling products, and although they improve the appearance of hair, they might be less likely to improve the overall health of the hair. If you have thick hair or hair that is prone to frizz, look for a hair masque that contains silicon, keratin or proteins. Products in this category will temporarily fill in any imperfections along the hair shaft, which smooths out roughness, plumps strands and gives the hair a sleeker appearance.

If you color-treat your hair, or if you subject it to regular heat styling, you might choose a hair masque that will help correct past damage and prevent future damage. Special masques for color-treated hair will help restore moisture that is lost during the coloring process and will help keep the new hair color true and vibrant. Masques for heat damaged hair will be very moisturizing and improve elasticity to help stave off breakage as a result of over-processing.

After you figure out which type of hair masque you should pursue, choosing one can still be intimidating because of the large number of products on the market. Experimenting with different products can be costly, but there is a wide selection of inexpensive products available in addition to the pricier luxury brands. Start with a modest purchase, asses how well the formula works for your hair, and diversify your search from there.

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    • A hair masque may help promote shiny, healthy hair.
      A hair masque may help promote shiny, healthy hair.