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How Do I Choose the Best Granite Countertop Cleaner?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Granite counters typically need a more particular kind of care than that provided by the average countertop surface cleaner. If you are not sure how to get started cleaning your granite countertop, then you should first decide whether you want your chosen product to sanitize, polish or both. You should then make sure the product you choose is safe for the granite surface, because the wrong cleaner can cause long-term damage. Additionally, you may want to select a cleaner that is convenient for you, which means it is within your price range and is easy to use.

It often is important to consider what each granite countertop cleaner can do for your kitchen. This is because some cleaners focus on just one task, such as either sanitizing or shining, while others can do both jobs. If you choose a granite countertop cleaner that just sanitizes the surface, then you may find that you need to use a separate product to make it shine, so be prepared to buy more than one type of cleaner if you go this route. If your counters do not have a polished finish, then you may not be worried about making them shine, because a flat finish usually is not intended to be glossy. In this case, you may be able to buy a simple granite countertop cleaner at the store or use household products such as dish soap or a mixture of baking soda and water.

Avoid abrasive cleaners to keep granite countertops looking beautiful.
Avoid abrasive cleaners to keep granite countertops looking beautiful.

Ensuring the countertop's safety also is a key to choosing the best granite countertop cleaner. For example, granite typically should not be exposed to abrasive or acidic cleaners, so you should use products such as ammonia, vinegar and lemon juice sparingly, if at all, to avoid damaging the countertop. In many cases, if you have dark granite, then you can use acetone to clean the surface, while hydrogen peroxide may work fine for white granite. If you choose to buy granite countertop cleaner at a store, then you may want to look for pH-neutral products that usually are strong enough to clean the surface but not harsh enough to damage it.

Another factor that may well go into choosing the best granite countertop cleaner is whether it is convenient for you. For example, household cleaning basics such as baking soda may work best for you if you already have them at home and are comfortable making your own cleaning solutions. Many people feel safer purchasing cleaners made specifically for cleaning a granite countertop. Purchasing such cleaners can be expensive, so you should be sure you can afford the expense of buying it as often as necessary. In addition, you may consider whether you want a bottle of liquid that you can spray on your own cloth or prefer pre-moistened wipes that you can grab quickly to clean your counter.

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    • Avoid abrasive cleaners to keep granite countertops looking beautiful.
      By: Jeffrey Banke
      Avoid abrasive cleaners to keep granite countertops looking beautiful.