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How do I Choose the Best Glider Windows?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch

Glider windows are usually purchased as a means of improving energy efficiency within the home. Choosing the best set of windows depends on what they are being used for but the glass should have a low emissivity coating to keep heat in or out. Windows containing Argon are another energy efficient solution but these often have no warranty. Choose the window frame carefully because some materials will not accept a layer of paint. Screen frames are a good way to keep insects out. With any choice, a manufacturer’s warranty should always be analyzed.

Glider windows have a range of functions so it is important to decide on the reasons why they are being purchased. For example, the homeowner may elect to buy them to help the environment. These windows can also be bought to keep heat in or out.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Low emissivity coated glider windows are appropriate for those aiming to be more energy efficient. Consumers living in a warm climate should coat the outside of the windows’ inner pane with the low emissivity material to keep heat out. Placing this coating on the inside of the inner pane will keep heat in and is an effective way of keeping the home warm in winter.

Another energy efficient type of glider windows are those containing Argon. This is a gas which occurs naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is also non-toxic so there is no need to worry should the pane break.

The next step when choosing glider windows is to decide on the material the panes and frames should be made from. It is possible to purchase frames in fiberglass, wood, or vinyl. This is an important consideration because certain materials cannot be painted over.

Glider windows have varying functions so choose those which suit the home’s needs. It is possible to purchase windows with a screen frame, for example. These are appropriate for areas with a high level of mosquitoes and other insects. This is because the frame blocks these bugs from entering the home when the window is open.

Always check manufacturer warranties because they vary. There are glider windows with lifetime warranties available. It should be noted that window seals designed to prevent Argon from escaping are generally not covered by any warranty so tread carefully.

Always try out the glider windows immediately after installation. The best windows will easily slide in and out and create little noise. It is a good idea to install one set to ensure the windows are a good fit. As long as there is a warranty on the windows, replacing them if they don't fit properly should generally cost nothing extra.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower