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How Do I Choose the Best Glass Dresser?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Before choosing a glass dresser for your room, be sure to determine what you will need in terms of space and features. Measure the room in which the glass dresser will be placed to determine what your space limitations are, and then decide how much clothing or other items will be placed in the dresser to get an idea of your storage needs. Once you have determined what size dresser will work best for you, consider the wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials used to make such dressers; some of these dressers will be completely glass, while others may feature other materials such as wood or metal.

If you want the look of glass but are worried about damaging the glass dresser, consider a Lucite® dresser instead. Lucite® is a type of plastic that is completely clear like glass, but it does not shatter as easily as glass and is usually less expensive. The drawback to this material is its susceptibility to scratching: it will develop scratches far more easily, which can have an effect on the appearance of the dresser over time.

Quality items are made with recycled glass.
Quality items are made with recycled glass.

Glass dresser units may be entirely glass and feature drawers, shelves, and other accessories also made of glass. These units have a unique appearance, though they can be quite expensive. Other units feature wood or metal frames with glass accents or surfaces. These tend to be less prone to damage, highly attractive, and very stable. Some glass dresser models are actually made mostly of other materials, and the glass itself is only used as accents, such as the surface of the dresser's top, or accents on the side panels of the dresser. Decide what design suits your aesthetic needs the best.

Think about whether you want a vanity mirror included with your glass dresser. This will drive up the price of the unit, and the mirror will need to be supported with other materials such as wood in many cases, but a vanity mirror is a common and very useful accessory that many dresser owners prefer. Some dressers may integrate the mirror right into the structure itself, eliminating or reducing the need for other materials to act as supports; look for such designs if you want the dresser to be made primarily from glass and are not interested in other materials, accenting or otherwise.

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    • Quality items are made with recycled glass.
      By: Rafal Olechowski
      Quality items are made with recycled glass.