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How Do I Choose the Best General Education Online Classes?

Kesha Ward
Kesha Ward

There are a number of academic institutions that offer general education online classes. In fact, it is quite possible to complete a bachelors or even masters degree entirely online. When selecting general education online classes, choose classes that will count toward the completion of your desired degree or certificate program. You should also take courses that will help you expand your knowledge of subjects and prepare you for your future academic goals.

General education online classes are vital components of a well-rounded undergraduate education. The courses you select should provide you with an introductory understanding of a broad range of subjects. One of the benefits of taking general education online classes is that, as in a classical liberal arts education, the courses will expose you to diverse schools of thought. This exposure could be pivotal in helping you decide your future academic or professional endeavors.

Online classes offer convenience and flexibility.
Online classes offer convenience and flexibility.

Some general education online classes have prerequisites that must be completed before you can enroll in them. Often, general education online classes are designed to be taken in a sequence, with the most introductory taken first. For assistance with selecting the most appropriate courses for your desired major, you will need to contact an admissions adviser at the institution. The adviser will have access to information on current course prerequisites and should be able to tell you how each one of the general education online courses you take will count toward your degree.

Online and distance learning programs make obtaining a bachelors degree more convenient. General education online classes provide students with the flexibility to balance home, work and educational commitments. In most cases, courses can be completed without ever having to visit the campus. Before enrolling in general education online classes, check course meeting times. Some classes follow a hybrid format in which classes meet in person as well online.

When selecting general education online courses, do research to find an institution with tuition costs you are able to meet. Taking college courses can be quite costly and online courses can cost the same or in some cases more than courses taken on campus. You will also need to determine if there are any residency requirements that need to be met. Most institutions post tuition rates on their websites.

There is a common misconception that general education online courses are less demanding than in-person courses. In reality, online classes require the same amount or more study time than courses offered in the traditional format. You must be diligent about your schedule to be sure you are putting in enough study time to meet assignment deadlines.

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    • Online classes offer convenience and flexibility.
      By: Leo Lintang
      Online classes offer convenience and flexibility.